Smelly Danielly
20. 07. 2016

So that went by quickly! 👶 Thanks to @missmarleej for the adorable headband and shoes from @isntshelovely_xo. I'm obsessed! ❤ . . . #onemonthold #babymia #mylove #baby #babygirl #isntshelovely

Today is baby girls one month birthday. It’s hard to believe one month has passed already.

When Matteo was born, due to his prematurity and breathing complications, all we ever wanted was for him to grow and get older because the older he got the stronger he would be and the sooner he could come home. So there was never a part of me that would look at him and mourn the fact that he wasn’t a newborn anymore, or think “he is 4 months old already, where did the time go!?”. But with Mia, it’s totally the opposite.

Gone are the newborn days of barely fitting into sleepers. She is investigating things with her eyes more and more, and those gassy smiles are now a daily occurrence. Now when I see pictures of friends newborns I stop and think “GAH! Mia isn’t that little anymore!”.  She is going to be the one I want to stay little forever.

She is so damn cute I just can’t stop staring at her. I love the way she chomps onto her soother when she is desperate for it. I love that she has one little dimple on her left cheek. And I kind of really love how much she looks like me.

As for being one month into motherhood with two children, it hasn’t been as hard as I imagined. Mia is very relaxed and only cries when she is hungry or wants her soother. Matteo is very independent so he just does his thing and checks to see what Mia is doing every so often. Being at home with both of them has it’s moments of chaos and frustration, but for the most part, it’s pretty easy. Though in saying that, things could change at any moment!

With sunny days ahead of us, I am hoping to get out of the house a bit more with both of them, though to be honest, I am totally intimidated by that thought. While I have gone grocery shopping with both in tow, going for a simple walk is another story. As you know, Matteo the wander does not make for an easy walk when the person who has to chase after him is pushing a stroller. I have to get Mia into a carrier and then we’ll see how it goes.

Matteo loves to let me know when Mia is ready to eat and he finds breastfeeding very fascinating, probably because he missed out on it. He also likes to ask me “What’s Baby Mia doing?” all the time, even though she doesn’t really do much.

I am very lucky with the way things are going so far. I hope the trend continues!

Can’t believe one month has already passed!



04. 07. 2016


Well, baby #2 is officially here!

Two weeks ago today this little beauty made her entrance into the world. It was an experience completely different than that of Matteo’s birth. It was calm and peaceful and just what I imagined a “normal” birth would be like.

We arrived at the hospital for 6am. Matteo spent the night with Nonno and Nonna’s so it was just Chad and I checking in. It was kind of surreal to be back in the maternity ward at Royal Columbian Hospital after having “lived” there for a month before Matteo was born. Of course this time the situation was completely different.

We got to our room, I was prepped for surgery and then was brought down to the OR. The entire time I felt calm and relaxed because I knew exactly what as going to happen. The worst part of a c-section is the freezing they put in your back before they do the spinal, but that lasts all of 10 seconds.

Once everything was ready to go they brought Chad in. I think he was more nervous and stressed out than I was.

It’s kind of bizarre to be awake for a major surgery. You can’t feel anything of course, but you get a very clear sense of how an OR works and you know there are two doctors cutting you up just behind the thin blue sheet they set up.

It felt like it took a lot longer for the baby to be born this time around than it did with Matteo, but that could have just been because he was more of an emergency situation.

I joked with the anesthesiologist before the surgery about how Chad wished it was still the 60s and he could just wait in the waiting room with a scotch and cigar. I also explained that he was not interested in taking any pictures of the birth, but the anesthesiologist guilted him into taking a few. I’m glad he did.




Baby girl was none to happy about being taken from her warm and comfy water bed.

After birth, Chad and baby went up to our room while I was stitched up and then wheeled to recovery. This part felt like it took forever. I just wanted to go upstairs to hang out with my little family but they did a really good job of freezing my lower half so I was stuck in recovery for double the amount of time I was expecting to be there.


Mia Ella Ciavarro

June 20th 2016

7 lbs. 8 oz.






Unlike with Matteo’s name, we didn’t officially chose Mia’s name until 2 nights before she was born. Mia was on my list of girl names when I was pregnant with Matteo and was in the top 5 list that Chad and I made for this pregnancy. We thought we would wait until we saw her before we officially chose her name, but while discussing it that night we realized there was really only one choice, so we went with it. We wanted something simple, short, and easy to pronounce in both Italian and English (although all the old Italians are very confused by her name because Mia in Italian means Mine. But Italians are known for naming people after words so I’m not sure why it’s so confusing.) Plus, we tested the name out on Matteo and when he went around saying “Baby Mia! Baby Mia!” we knew we had a winner.


It’s wild to give birth to a baby at full term and be able to bring them home in just a few short days.

I am having the kind of morning where I contemplated getting donuts on my way into work for 20 minutes but I didn’t because I was too tired to get out of my car and now I am full of regret. I was also woken up very early this morning by a lovely toddler and am therefore in a cranky mood. But I digress.

Two weeks ago it was my Zia’s birthday and Elise and I called her up to see if she was free to go on an adventure. She suggested bringing the kids to the Queen’s Park Petting Zoo which was a brilliant idea because Matteo is obsessed with petting zoos. Both my Mom and SIL Stephanie were free that day so they also joined us in an animal adventure.







Goat Butts!



Beside the petting zoo is a water park and a playground which is great for every child other than Matteo. Seriously, if i could pay some amount of money to have this kid stay in one area for long than 5 seconds I would. Then we could go to the beach or go on picnics and we could actually enjoy ourselves instead of chasing after a toddler who has a mind of his own. I can’t even express to you how annoying it was trying to take him to the fabric store yesterday. Sweet Jesus. I just feel the need to do a lot of complaining about Matteo and his wandering. That and his stubborn nature to go where he wants when he wants. “THIS WAY!”. I’ll be really happy when this phase (Oh God I hope it’s a phase) ends.



So adorable. Evelyn calls Matteo Teo and Matteo calls Evelyn Evaleven (which is also how he says Eleven).


Queen’s Park is so lovely. I always forget how close New West is to us and how many fun things the city has to offer. It was also great spending the morning with family and celebrating Zia Maria’s birthday. We should probably take Matteo to the petting zoo every week since it’s so close to home and fenced in (God bless fences).

“Wow, so many animals!”

Picking flowers and sitting on rocks. Just your average Wednesday.

Ready to hear something you’ve never heard before? WE ARE SICK AGAIN. Ha.

Seriously, can this house catch a break at all this year? We have never had so many colds in a 5 month period of time before!

No less than a week after Matteo recovers from a throat infection does he get a head cold, which naturally gets passed to me as well.

It’s not even like he is in school, or even socializes with kids a lot (Hi, his mother is an introvert and that would mean she would have to socialize with other people as well). I’m seriously contemplating putting the two of us in a bubble or something.

Apparently Chad’s immune system is amazing because he never ends up catching what we have, or it only lasts 24 hours. Totally not fair.

Maybe we should start buying stock in Kleenex.

Oh, and we’ve been up since 4:45am thanks to a coughing fit. Today is going to be a very long day. At least I’ll have the opportunity to do a lot of laundry? Woo hoo!

I’m really tired of everyone being sick :(

25. 05. 2016

I had a nap yesterday afternoon because Matteo and I went for a 1.5 hour walk and I was exhausted. This nap resulted in me not falling asleep until past 11pm. I usually go to bed at 9pm because growing a baby is draining. At 1:30am Matteo awoke with ear piercing screams. You would have thought someone was murdering him. What did he want? Milk of course. 3 sips of milk to be exact. Then he went back to bed as if nothing happened. I, however, did not. I started to think about how I really don’t want to have to pay the hospital $600 to get a private room, but on the other hand I really don’t want myself, my baby and my husband stuck in a room with 3 other women. And what are the chances I would just GET a private or even semi private room for free? Can I take that sort of risk? I’m not much of a gambler. Then I kept checking my phone because the internet is the Devil and it sucks me in and I need to throw my phone away so that I stop looking at it so much. And then Chad was breathing, you know, because he is a living human being and that was driving me crazy so I went into the spare room to try to sleep but that was futile until about 5:30am and then Matteo woke up at 6:30. He then tried to Karate chop me when I went to change his diaper and I decided that today was going to be a horrible day.