That Time My Entire Body Was Covered In A Rash

My life. Plus my super sexy rash. #nonstresstestIts funny that as I sat down to write a super bitchy post about how my life sucks I received two unexpected visits from two unexpected visitors that totally brightened my day. Damn you friends and family for being so damn sweet and not allowing me to sit here and wallow in self pity and anger!

But seriously, things have been less than steller this week.

Baby is fine, I am fine (I guess technically) but I’m kind of going crazy.

Sunday night my night nurse noticed a small rash forming on my belly. I had not noticed it before as it was quite small and did not itch or anything. I woke up the next morning to notice a similar sort of rash on my face. Ummm, this is not good. I pointed it out to my nurse who informed me that my doctor would be in shortly to take a look.

Doc said it looked like an allergic reaction so she prescribed me some benadryl. I took it but it didn’t really do anything. At the same time, I wasn’t really having any irritated symptoms so I’m not really sure what it was supposed to do. I took another pill in the middle of the night which made me totally loopy and I could not sleep. Bad idea.

The rash on my belly got progressively worse and the benadryl didn’t seem to be doing anything. Another nurse came to look at me and said that the rash looked more like a pregnancy related rash call PUPPPs. Either way, this rash was getting bigger, angrier and more itchy.

The Doc came in again to see me and said no it was definitely an allergic reaction and suggested I get a new set of PJs, sheets and blankets. Nothing about my diet or surroundings had changed in the past two weeks so I wasn’t sure what I could possibly be allergic to, but I did as I was told.

Anyways, things got progressively worse. Everyone who came to take a look said it was either PUPPPs or an allergic reaction. Either way I didn’t care, I just wanted it to go AWAY!

Finally I was prescribed some Hydro-cortisone cream that I could apply on my body but not on my face. The rash, by this point, had spread from my knees all the way up to my neck and down my arms. To say it was annoying would be an understatement.

I’m on day two of cream application and it does offer me relief, but it leaves my skin super sensitive so if anything even gently brushes against my skin, even through my clothes, I am sent into a fit of tickles and itches. So weird.

As for my face, it looks better than it did, but it feels like its super sun burnt; raw and itchy. Thankfully the Aloe Vera fairies came by last night and dropped me off an assortment of lotions to sooth my skin. It feels so much better already.

Other than that, things have been pretty uneventful, other than all the wonderful people who have dropped by to say Hello. I am starting to go a bit stir crazy and am finally sick of the hospital food. Only took me 2 1/2 weeks. That and the heat has started to come on at night and instead of it making a constant noise it comes on in waves making it sound like a super dramatic wind storm is taking place outside. Its unbelievably loud and means I have not slept at all in two days. Frick.

But anyways. I am 32 weeks today, so 2 weeks to go. Selfishly I just want to have this kid already so I can get the hell out of here, but I know the longer I hold on the better it will be.

Lets hope I don’t totally lose my mind by then…

A View of the Fraser River

I forgot how annoying these things are Piggy and I got moved to a room with a view
Night time Fancy that. Bacon and waffles,

Hi Friends,

Here is the 411 on my status.

Last last Sunday night/Monday morning something funny was going on in the baby department. I woke up at 2 am with a little more spotting then I felt comfortable with, so Chad and I decided to make our way to the Burnaby General Hospital (where my doctors were). When we got there the doctor asked what I had felt. I told her it was like a gush of fluid with more blood than normal (sorry, gross I know). This “gush of fluid” description prompted her to assume my water had broken and was surprised that I didn’t realize my water had broken. Well, #1 I have never experienced water breaking and #2 given the amount of ‘water’ one has in ones belly, I would have expected a more dramatic scene then what I woke up to. So with this “water breaking” theory running rampant, tests were done to prove such an event had occurred. Well, tests came back negative. But despite the tests comping back negative, they were still sure my water had broken. Ooookkk.

So, I was hooked up to an IV, given a shot in the ass of steroids to help baby’s lungs mature faster and then whisked away to Royal Columbian Hospital where they deal with premature deliveries.

Well, this was not what I was expecting when I woke up at 2am.

So off to RCH I go. My first time ever in an ambulance. I felt like I was on TV or something. I was sent straight into labour and delivery where they did a Nonstress Test and began to check me out.

An ultrasound showed that there was a lot of fluid around the baby indicating to the technician that my water had not broken, but then while preforming another test, quite a bit of fluid came out indicating that maybe my water had broken. For the love of GOD, can someone make up their mind. The last and final test showed that the fluid coming out of me was in fact amniotic fluid, so while my water had technically not broken, I was leaking.


The fear with your water breaking early or you leaking amniotic fluid is that you will go into early labour and/or contract an infection. Plus, given that I was only 29 weeks, Zitis lungs had not fully developed.

The first 24 hours were crucial. If I was able to get in all my steroid shots before going into labour, it would be a good thing. Well, 24 hours passed and there were no signs I was going into labour. Excellent.

A week and a half later and not much has changed. I’m no longer hooked up to an IV (yay!) and I’ve finished my dose of antibiotics. I’m still “leaking” and spotting but have had no signs of contractions. At first my doctor thought he might be able to send me home after a week, if everything looked stable but he decided it would be best to keep me here in case anything happened to the relief of all my family members.

While nothing major has happened, every day presents itself with some small change. No two days are the same.

My belly is getting smaller, which is beyond weird, but makes sense because I’m losing amniotic fluid. I went for another ultrasound yesterday and I do have less fluid then I did a week ago, but the placenta and umbilical cord look good, and that’s whats most important.

As for now I lay here and wait. The plan is to keep me until I am 34 weeks. If I have not gone into labour by then, then they will talk about inducing me. I really hope I stay this way until 34 weeks, but I feel like baby has other plans for me. I guess all we can do is wait and see.

And so, my friends, here I lay, with a giant pile of People magazines and bags full of snacks until a little batch of baked Ziti decides to make an appearance into this world.

The Month of Partial Bed Rest

Baby faceSo, I guess when a month goes by with out any blog posts there is probably a reason for that.

October started out as a rather busy month at work. Heck the last few months have been insanely busy. No matter what I did, I never felt caught up. Throw on top of that countless doctors appointments and ultrasounds and it was like I was constantly fighting an uphill battle to just complete my daily tasks.

Then there was Mexico. Chads parents surprised us with a family trip to Mexico; one last out of country adventure before Baby Ziti arrived. An escape to some place hot where we could all relax and enjoy ourselves. At first I was a bit nervous about the prospect of leaving home while 6 months pregnant but my doctors assured me everything would be fine. Aside from the fact that all those free boozy drinking were off limits, there was no reason for me to be worried about anything. That was, until the day before we were scheduled to board the plane back home to Canada.

With out getting into too many details, I began to spot the day before our flight home. Spotting is never a good sign and it sort of made me freak out given the fact that I was not at home. However, before over reacted I realized 1) it probably had something to do with the hematoma they found during my ultrasound 2) there was nothing I could really do about it and 3) I would be home soon enough.

Thankfully I had the idea to email my Mom and ask her to get me an appointment at the maternity clinic for first thing Saturday morning. I was sure I would go to the appointment, be told there was nothing to worry about and all would go back to normal.

Saturday turned out to be a really shitty day. The doctor of the day was running 3 hours behind, he was in such a rush that when he finally saw me that I was flustered with information and totally overwhelmed, I was told he was putting me on partial bed rest and I received a lovely parking ticket because I was parked for too long thanks to the unexpectedly long wait time.

This is when I began to over react. I took the news as if I had been given the worst case scenario, when in reality I was spotting and to be on the safe side, they just wanted me to take it easy. A very reasonable request when you think about it.

I was freaking out because I knew this meant something was wrong. I was freaking out because I had no idea how work was going to react to the news (especially since I had just been on vacations) and I was freaking out because I felt totally unable to control the situation.

The next day, while at Church (because every time I get really sick I just happen to be at Church) I experienced a really bad cramp, one that lasted about 20 minutes long. As soon as I realized what I was feeling was not normal and was not going away, I told Chad we better make a b-line to the hospital. I was panicked and Chad was scared. We were sent straight up to the Maternity ward where I explained my situation and was immediately checked out. By that point the cramp had gone away and Baby Ziti was kicking the heart rate monitor like crazy.

They sent me for blood work, ultrasounds, and had two doctors check me out.  In the end everything checked out OK. Baby was very healthy and strong. I had no more cramping and was actually able to sit and talk with the doctors about my situation. They were wonderful. The spotting would probably take some time to clear up, in the mean time I was to rest at home. No work, no driving, no heavy lifting, just walking and light house work. Despite the scary nature of the situation, I felt so much better after having tests done and actually being able to talk to a doctor in a calm manner.

Work was understanding about my situation. I felt horrible about the situation I put them in, but then really it was out of my control. Totally sucks for both of us that no one other than me knows how to do my job.

The two weeks that followed were good and bad. It was nice to be able to sleep in and relax, but it was also difficult spending my day laying on the couch. I thought if I voluntarily put myself on total bed rest it would expedite the healing process and I would get better quicker, but of course, that’s not how it works. It’s mentally difficult when you want to fix this thing that’s wrong with you but you really can’t. The second week was better. I was able to get some stuff from work so I had something to occupy my time and I was starting to feel more positive about everything.

I had my next doctors appointment this past Saturday. I was hoping that despite the fact the spotting had not stopped, that maybe I could return to life as it were, but that wasn’t the case. The ultrasound they preformed on me that day at the hospital showed I had a subchorionic hemorrhage, essentially my placenta tore away from the side of my uterus and started to bleed, hence the spotting. The same thing happened with my hematoma except for some reason, that never bled. The doctor said I had to continue my partial bed rest, he would see me again in two weeks and I would only be able to return to work once the spotting stopped.

Mentally I kept thinking that this was all going to end soon and that the next calendar Monday was going to be the Monday I got to go back to work but reality kept leaving me disappointed.

I find myself faced with two situations. One, the desire to get better because I want to be better and two, the desire to get better because I have unfinished business to do and I don’t want to leave my job as is. I think the truth is I worry more about work then I do about my actual health, which I know is ridiculous, but its part of that Italian Catholic guilt complex I have. I know in this situation I just need to get over it and take care of myself, but it’s hard.

As of right now, nothing has changed. Some days are better than others but the spotting has not stopped. I have no idea how long this whole situation is going to last, but I guess the more I worry about it and put pressure on myself to get better, the worse it’s going to be. You would have thought by know I would know how to relax. Lets just says it’s a work in progress.

So, here I am, on the couch, living in uncertainty. The saving grace to all of this is Baby Ziti likes to make a playground out of my insides and as long as baby is happy and moving about, then that’s all I can ask for.

We shall take this one day at a a time.

No Wine For the Pregnant Lady

Does it make me a bad Italian for not making it to all the wine making meetings this year? Probably.

It’s the same pictures as every year, but I feel super guilty if I don’t document the process. This time I was only around for half of it. Stupid backyard sidewalk.

Wine Making
Wine Making

It would probably be weird if we had a girl and named her Pia, right?

Wine Making
Wine Making
Wine Making

At least by the time this batch is ready I will actually be able to drink it. Damn I miss wine.

Wine Making

Next year we will have to get Ziti to do some foot squishing because you know that would be ridiculously adorable. Traditions that take place year after year can get a bit stale, which is why you need to have kids. They become a breath of fresh air and put the fun back into everything.

We served a bottle of our wedding wine the other night at a family dinner. 5 years old and it tasted pretty damn good. I know because I sneaked a taste. Sorry, Ziti, but I had to. IT WAS WEDDING WINE.

Did I mention I miss wine?

Welcome to Home Ownership

Come see our backyard of FUUUUUUNNNN!

Working Man

We “formed” the sidewalk on Saturday. And by we, I mean Dario, because we have no idea what we are doing and Dario does this for a living, except he does giant buildings not little sidewalks, but still.

Disaster Zone

It is now September and we are still dealing with the fall out of the drain tile. I wonder if we can drag it out for the whole year of 2013?

Before you go and complain about some small inconvenience that occurred in your house, remember that your basement did not flood because the previous owners were asshats, costing you thousands of dollars, hundreds of man hours, and your sanity. Now, if your basement did flood, then welcome to the seventh circle of hell.

Also, do you have any idea how annoying and costly it is to find a way to get rid of extra dirt? Who would have thought. I think Tony Soprano was right, I need to get into the waste management business.

Also, also, the last bin waste management dropped off dented our driveway, so we made a claim against them, and it got denied. YAY! Another thing broken that needs to be fixed!

I feel the need to rant about how expensive everything has been because it is finally starting to hit me. I want to buy baby things and I can’t because I have to buy a side walk.

Backyard Renter

While hanging out with the boys in the back yard I discovered that one of our backyard renters caught himself a giant moth. Good for you little buddy. I’m sending a rent increase of 10% your way.

If you are scared of spiders I recommend you NOT hang out in our backyard.

Landing Pad

This is the landing pad. I am actually very excited about the landing pad. I am excited that it will no longer be a pile of rocks growing weeds, but will actually be a proper concrete pad that will look amazing. BRUSH FINISH. Or is it Broom Finish?

Walk Way

This is part of the wee sidewalk.

Drain Power

We need industrial strength drainage thanks to all them pine needles.

Chad has to finish making all the dirt level where we are pouring concrete, them we get to pick up another giant load of 3/4 crush, spread that out, tap it down, and then maybe, just MAYBE we can finally pour the concrete. And hopefully this will be done soon so that my Nonna will stop calling me to ask if we have poured concrete yet because, you know, the weather is turning and its going to be too cold and the concrete is not going to cure and every bad thing imaginable is going to happen.

On the bright side of all this? I get a beautiful concrete landing pad.