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06. 10. 2015

I should probably actually do this once a week but since I haven’t yet I’m just going to throw a bunch at you right now.

We are hosting dinner for 18 people this Thanksgiving. Time to start menu planning! #365photochallenge #thanksgiving #menuplanning #dinnerparties

I decided I would host Thanksgiving dinner this year for everyone because I like to make my life difficult. There are 18 people invited with a possible game time addition. In my heart I would love to curate the perfect Thanksgiving menu and make everything myself but my head is smarter than that so everyone is bringing a little something to help out. There will be so much food and it will all be so delicious. Chad is stressing out about where everyone is going to sit but I can’t wait to start cooking.

It's been a while since I've made myself a cross stitch. It's coming along slowly but surely. Cross stitching season is now upon us so I should have more time to work on it. #365photochallenge #crossstitch #homesweethome #crafting #threadandneedle

I make time to create cross stitchings for everyone else, but I never make the time to do something for myself. I’m finally getting around to working on this piece for our front entrance. The front entrance is so lonely but I have a plan in mind, I just need to get on it. It may or may not include several Gilmore Girl prints/crafts because I am that obsessed.

It's rainy afternoon coloring with Bunny and Blankie. #365photochallenge #crafternoon #colouring #matteotheham #bunnyandblankie

We moved Matteo out of his highchair and into a booster seat for dinner. He loves it and I love it because it gives him just that little bit more independence. He now enjoys sitting at the table and drawing or destroying balls of play-doh which is always handy when I’m trying to get some work done. He is getting so big and I love it because I secretly enjoy toddlers more than babies.

Find the baby. #365photochallenge #matteotheham #stuffedanimals #cribparty

Unrelated to this picture, Chad has shown Matteo “Ok Google”. This was fun at first because Matteo thought it was crazy that you could talk to your phone and it would talk back to you, but now every time he sees a cell phone he steals it with his incredible strength and yells “OK GOOGLE” at it in his unintelligible baby talk. This was very adorable at first but now you can not have your cell phone anywhere near him with out him stealing it from you or having a melt down because he can’t google things.

In high school my friends and I had an inside joke about "eating it raw". Well tonight I'm eating it very raw 🍣 #sushisaturday #nomnomnom #eatitraw #rawfishisbetterthanrawchicken

I ate a lot of sushi on Saturday and it was really really good.

It's Fall decor time 🍁🍂🍃🎃 #365photochallenge #autumn #leaves #pumpkins

We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday so I could get all my little pumpkins to decorate the house with. Naturally I need more now because I am going to do a very large and elaborate center piece for Thanksgiving that will probably not come to fruition but instead just be a bunch of pumpkins placed on the table. Sometimes I love how absolutly ridiculous I can be. Right now is one of those times.


I made Chad a fancy lunch today. #365photochallenge #lunchtime #toomuchtimeonmyhands #cafeciavarro

Sometimes on weekends I will make Chad an elaborate lunch, and my elaborate I mean he gets a side of veggies or maybe some chips. This one particular weekend the bun I used for his sandwich was very small and I stuffed it with so many ingredients it fell over. So I put a flag in it. See, I’m ridiculous.

Being extra housewify today - homemade sugo, fresh baked bread and freshly made pasta all for dinner. #365photochallenge #homemade #fresh #makingpasta #housewife

Every time I make fresh pasta we eat a bunch that night and then I “dry” the rest to use later. I say “dry” because it never actually fully dries and eventually becomes a pile of moldy green pasta in a ziplock bag and I weep at the thought of all the hard work and tastiness down the drain. I MUST SOLVE THIS ISSUE.

Just hanging out with my girls today. #365photochallenge #gilmoregirls #lorelai #rory #lane #sookie #emily #paris

I bought this shirt because if you haven’t already noticed I am the most obsessed ever.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. #365photochallenge #grapes #makingwine #merlot #cabsav

We made wine in the month of September but you don’t know that because I have yet to blog about it. WORST BLOGGER EVER.

Sometimes crabby, but always cute. #365photochallenge #matteotheham #crabby #adorable

Frick. I want to steal him even though he is already mine.

Does anyone else use their Hunters for work? #365photochallenge #hunters #gardening #workboots #notjustprettyfootwear

The front and back gardens are ready for winter. Well, we’ll say the front is but the back could technically use a little bit more work. Chad hates when I use my Hunters for actual work because they cost a million dollars but then I remind him that they are rubber boots and then he reminds me “Yea, they are rubber boots, that cost a million dollars” #ridiculous.

It's probably not a good thing when you're deck starts growing mushrooms. @tyrrelldevelopments help! #weneedanewdeck #amongotherthings #decksos #renovation

There are mushrooms growing out of our deck. FYI.

It's quickly become a Friday tradition. #365photochallenge #evelyn #goddaughter #fridayafternoons #coworkers

Mama Bear went back to work with the start of the new school year so I haven’t seen her or this one here nearly as much as I did during the Summer.

#tbt to these two knuckle heads having a man to man conversation a few weeks ago. #365photochallenge #matteoandpapa #mantime

It’s like looking into a mirror

On our second to last day in Finland we visited my favorite tourist spot of the whole trip – Suomenlinna.

Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage site and inhabited sea fortress that is built on six islands. It was originally built in 1748 by the Swed’s to protect themselves from the Russians and has been used as a fortress in many wars since then.

The views and landscape were absolutely beautiful. Stone buildings, Navy ships, cannons. There were so many spots to explore. So, without further ado – Suomenlinna.










Chad loves having his photo taken.









The Kings Gate


Adorable houses I wanted to steal.







What a dreamy place. I would totally live there and ogle all the young army and navy guys in uniform that live on the island as well. Nautical all the things!


This is my sad attempt at taking a picture of the Super Blood Moon on Sunday night.

We decided to be adventurous and drive up to SFU to check out the moon. Most of Burnaby had that exact same plan. The moon took longer than we thought to make its appearance and we mistakenly did not bring our stroller with us so the evening was mostly spent chasing Matteo around a very busy parking lot. PARENTING FAIL.

It was still pretty cool to see in person though, until we got home and realized we could see if from our drive way. Oh, so what you’re saying is there was no real need to keep Matteo up past his bedtime to drive up a mountain to see something we could have seen from home? Yes, that is what I am saying.

25. 09. 2015

God bless the people in Chad's life who guilt him into buying me gifts. My anniversary gift arrived in the mail yesterday. The traditional gift of copper. #365photochallenge #anniversary #copper #7yearitch

Chad and I are kind of wishy-washy when it comes to Anniversary gifts. We used to get each other something but somewhere along the way that tradition died. It was probably when we bought the house and had a million renovations to pay for so it because more of a “Happy Anniversary, here’s a fridge” type deal.

I love buying Chad gifts when I find something I know he would really like or appreciate, but to buy a gift just for the sake of buying a gift, I’m just not into that. So, this year I didn’t get Chad anything (mostly because last year I bought him an expensive bottle of scotch because I just can’t help myself and he got me nothing in return). But when he told that he had purchased a gift for me that had not arrived yet I was really surprised because at this stage in the game, Chad only buys me things after I tell him what to buy and I hadn’t told him to buy me anything.

As I mentioned in a previous post, knowing Chad, I was pretty sure my gift was going to be something practical and non-romantic. I was 100% expecting a bluetooth device to use in the car, because that would make sense, coming from Chad. So when a little package arrived and it did not come from some factory in China I was totally surprised.

A hand made key chain with our wedding date stamped into copper, the tradition 7th wedding anniversary gift.

Absolutely perfect.

As it turns out he was talking with some co-workers about our upcoming anniversary when they asked him what he was going to get me. He told them nothing and they found that unacceptable.

God bless these people for laying a guilt trip on Chad that resulted in a beautiful and thoughtful anniversary gift.

It feels like it’s about time for another Finland post, you know, because I really like to drag these things out.

On this particular day everyone went off on their own adventures. Our adventure included a walk around the city checking out some of the sites we hadn’t seen yet.










Our first stop that morning (lets be honest, it was probably afternoon) was the Lutheran Cathedral and Senate Square. I climbed up the steps to check out the inside of the cathedral and Chad stayed behind so that he could get some extra time with the city’s free WIFI. That and he didn’t want to have to go down all the stairs because of his knees.

The inside of the Cathedral was beautiful and simple. Someone was there playing the organ and the music was so wonderful I wanted to sit there all afternoon and listen to it. I have a huge crush on loud organs.



We continued on down the road towards the docks in hopes that we could check out the Orthodox Cathedral but it was already closed. From what I had read online, it is much more opulent than the Lutheran Cathedral and I wanted to be able to compare the two, but I guess I have to save that for next time.







I loved all the brick and marine decor in and around the docks. We sat on a patio and people watched for a bit. It was so nice and relaxing after a busy few days.

Side note – Finnish babies are so cute and I wanted to steal every one that walked by. There were so many babies in Finland and they were all ridiculously adorable.

On our way back towards our flat we started to get hungry since we got up so late and didn’t really have a proper meal. We ended up having our worst meal of the trip (or should I say my worst meal, Chad’s favorite meal) at Subway which was horribly over priced. We finally have our chance to pick any restaurant in the city and we end up at Subway. LAME. Chad was feeling light headed (probably from binge drinking for the past 5 days) so I didn’t really have a choice as Subway was across the street from our flat and I didn’t want him fainting in the middle of the city.


After our horribly romantic and delicious dinner Chad went for a cat nap and I did some reading. Steve and Ashleigh met us back at the flat where we freshened up a bit and headed out to our favorite patio spot for some late night drinks (because that’s always a good idea after you’ve had to come home because your light headed from not eating properly and drinking to much, but hey, I’m not a doctor). I know it doesn’t look late in the picture but it’s probably 10:30 – 11pm. God bless being so far North.


I have this thing with needing to try McDonald’s in every foreign country I visit, so after our drinks I convinced everyone (not that it was hard) to stop by McDonald’s for some classic late night Cheeseburgers. Only problem was that McDonlad’s does not sell Cheeseburgers after midnight but instead only sells DOUBLE Cheedeburgers. Well twist my arm and call me Susan. They were damn tasty, and I guess you could say they mude up for the Subway.

Overall, we had a wonderfully ridiculous day.