Smelly Danielly
18. 11. 2015

I just thought I should let you know that I am sick and miserable and therefore dislike everyone and everything because I am sick and miserable and incredibly busy and therefore have had no time for anything.


I also have a cold sore that covers half my face, which is to be expected so I’m not sure why I am surprised by this.

Oh and Matteo is also sick and whines and cries all day long if I chose to do anything other than sit with him on the couch. This makes going to the bathroom and consuming food particularly difficult.

I am now going to consume my body weight in Oreos because I feel sorry for myself.

22. 10. 2015

What do you do when the bottle of wine you want isn't available in your province? You get your wonderful cousin to pack it in her suit case (sending her over the weight limit) and fly it over the country just for you. Much appreciated @sombieopoculips! @d

Chad and I have had a love for David Rocco for many many years. We watched his cooking show religiously when we lived in the apartment and his cookbook is one of our favorites. So it only makes sense that when he decided to make wine, we needed to have it. Only problem was, they only sell it in Ontario. Luckily I remembered my cousin was coming out from Ontario to Vancouver for a visit, so I asked her to snatch up a couple of bottles for us. Her efforts were much appreciated!

Chad is out tonight so Matteo and I are twinning it. #365photochallenge #eatlikeatoddler #twinning #dinnerfortwo

Matteo’s eating habits used to be stellar. Then he decided vegetables were the devil and only fruit and cheese were to be offered to him at meal time (so Italian). We are currently trying to working on this.

I was told I had to go to my Nonna's house to take a picture of Matteo with a giant pumpkin. Clearly something was lost in translation... #365photochallenge #thatsnotapumpkin #whyismynonnawearingasquash #autumharvest

This is a friggin beauty. Nonna told Mom to tell me that I had to come over to take a picture of Matteo with a giant “Zuccha”. Mom interpreted zuccha to mean pumpkin, because, well, it’s almost Halloween, but Nonna meant zuccha as in zucchini. The thing almost strangled her to death while taking this photo and Mom couldn’t stop laughing. Sometimes I wonder about these people.

Bath time letters have turned into all day long letters. "ABC's! ABC's!" #matteotheham #abcs #bathtime #daytime

Matteo loves the ABCs. This love has translated into him becoming fluent in his ABCs. If you want to know how to spell something then you should probably just ask him because he is already better than me.

Today Claudia and I had an adventurous day of shopping and eating. Experienced my first meal at Joe Fortes. It was delicious! #365photochallenge #shopping #eating #joefortes #lobsterroll #nomnomnom #tiachacha

This past weekend Claudia and I spent the day shopping and eating. During our shopping trip we spotted one of our all time favorite Food Network chefs. This prompted Claudia to freak out and demand that she must go up and say Hello. The interaction did not go as Claudia had hoped and though I only saw it out of the corner of my eye, it left a very bad taste in both of our mouths. I get that she was “busy shopping” but I would have expected a more sincere response after a quick complimentary Hello. Guess we won’t be watching her show anymore.

After our unfortunate interaction but successful shopping trip, we had lunch at Joe Fortes, which was a brand new experience for me. The lobster and shrimp roll was ridiculous. The atmosphere, the guy playing the piano, everyone and their shopping bags. What an experience.

Family photos in the mist today with @lizciulla. Can't wait to see the final results! #365photochallenge #familyphotos #matteotheham #matteoandpapa

One Sunday we had family photos taken, despite the weather being less than agreeable. Between chasing Matteo, trying to get my hair out of my face, and Chad’s self proclaimed inability to smile, I pray we get SOME decent shots, otherwise this years Christmas card is going to be quite humorous.

Bedroom eyes #365photochallenge #matteotheham #alwaysreading #bedroomeyes

He loves to come into our room, steal this one book from my beside table and pretend to read it. Does this mean he is going to become a chef?

Matteo and I spent the morning at our first StrongStart today. I was glad to see preschool toys haven't changed in 25 years. I think I had as much fun remembering them as Matteo had playing with them. #365photochallenge #strongstart #preschool #coquitlam

This morning we went to our first StrongStart drop in class. Matteo enjoyed exploring and playing with everything, while I enjoyed rediscovering toys I played with when I was in preschool. Yes, I remembered all of them. After play time they had gym time and Matteo particularly enjoyed the hoola hoop (though he can’t hoola) and chasing after basketballs. Snack time really didn’t entice him long enough to finish his snack and forget about circle time. He needed to check out the blocks again and did not have time for songs and stories.

15. 10. 2015

Chad and I have been talking a lot about watches lately. We bought each other watches for our first wedding anniversary, but given that that was 6 year ago now, we are both itching for something new. Chad had his eyes set on a dress watch (for $1300 no less), while I wanted something that was a bit more fun. Then across my desk comes an opportunity to try out a creative new product.


My Swap My Way is a fun and affordable fashion accessory that you can mix and match to fit your mood or style. You can customize your watch with a particular print or image, or you can chose from the different straps and faces that they offer. All you have to do is swap your watch face or your watch strap.


For my first venture into the world of swapping watches I chose the starter kit which features one face and two straps. I chose a simple white face with no numbers, as I liked its sleek, minimalistic look. For the straps I chose a grey strap, because grey goes with everything, as well as a mint strap, because it was too gorgeous of a colour to pass up.


The straps are very soft and make it easy to swap out the face from one watch to the next. The straps also have a lot of holes to accommodate many wrist sizes, which is nice. Given how tiny my wrists are this is usually an issue for me when wearing watches, but with my My Swap My Way watch it wasn’t a problem. The only down side is that the watch is pretty bulky, so if you are like me and find it hard to type on a keyboard with any sort of wrist interference, than you might not be able to wear it all day long at your desk job.


There are so many different combinations of watches to create you could literally spend hours on the site. It took me forever to finally decide on what I wanted, but I figured I would start off simple and then get a funky strap or patterned face. I’m really excited to try out the DIY feature as well because what could be better than a completely customizing your very own watch?

Overall I think My Swap My Way is a pretty cool product. The quality of the watches are great, they are easy to use and swap, and they provide you with so many options. I think I’m definitely going to have to ask for some more pieces for Christmas!


I received these items for review courtesy of My Swap My Way; all opinions expressed are my own.






















Well, when it was all said and done, we managed to seat and feed 23 people for Thanksgiving dinner. A feat I never thought would occur in our house.

I only had one melt down in the middle of the afternoon when I thought the turkey was going to take 6 billion hours to cook because I can’t read a thermometer correctly and I have never roasted a turkey before, but that was short lived and I went back to being as cool as a cucumber. Despite the chaos and cramped quarters I have to say I wasn’t very stressed about the situation, mostly because I know my family and friends are amazing and would help out with anything I needed, which was exactly the case.

Everyone thanked me for such a wonderful dinner but to be honest I kind of felt like a fraud. Everyone helped out so much with food that I really didn’t have all that much to cook, so really, they should have thanked themselves for the delicious meal.

I asked my niece Emily to take pictures throughout the evening since I knew I wouldn’t be able to and she captured some pretty great moments. My Zia Paula made me a beautiful pumpkin floral arraignment for the table and with some candles and 400 leaves from the dollar store (true story) everything looked very festive and exactly as I had imagined.

Since our Mothers usually take on the responsibility of Easter and Christmas plus various events through out the year, I feel very confident in claiming Thanksgiving as my contribution to the family, which I’m sure they will gladly forfeit. I love everything about Thanksgiving and I actually enjoyed roasting the turkey (once I figured out what the heck I was doing) and making all the fixings. Plus the decorating is right up my alley.

There is something very satisfying with organizing a big dinner and then getting to see everyone’s happy faces as they chat and socialize and stuff their faces full of food.

Last weekend we took Matteo to Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch, which is one of our annual traditions and one of my favorite things to do in the Fall. I have a knack for picking very sunny and warm days. It’s a gift, really. A gift that makes it feel very un-Autum like.


Matteo has recently learned all his farm animal sounds so he was very excited to see all these animals up close and personal.


Only probably was, he decided that everything with 4 legs was clearly a horse so he walked around “neighing” at all the animals. I should probably take him to a farm with cows and horses. I think he’d get a kick out of that.


The tractor ride to the corn maze is always fun, unless you have a child who will not sit still for more than 2 seconds. At least he was calm when we actually started moving.


Jenaya, Emily, and Emily’s friend Aurora joined us for the afternoon as well. It took us quite a while to find our way out of the maze this year.


Near the end Matteo gave up and started creating his own path out.


I had this brilliant idea to take a family photo in the corn maze but I forgot that shadows are the worst.

DSC_0211 DSC_0212

Matteo found an adorable little pumpkin for himself.


It was ridiculously warm and felt very wrong to be picking pumpkins.


I was on the search for a white pumpkin because obviously I’m still obsessed from last year.

20151004_163656 20151004_163700

20151004_163720 20151004_163725

This is the extent of our pumpkin photo shoot – Matteo moving the pumpkin and wiping dirt off the gourds.


Holding onto him for a picture is nearly impossible.



These two guys, tho.



Precious family photos for the win!

I love going to the pumpkin patch. To me it is the defining moment to when my favorite season begins. It means I can decorate my house with pumpkins. It means I can start planning Thanksgiving. It means sweaters and boots are around the corner.

I’m looking forward to when Matteo starts to understand Halloween better and can actually pick his own costume. That’s going to be ridiculously fun!