Smelly Danielly
25. 05. 2016

I had a nap yesterday afternoon because Matteo and I went for a 1.5 hour walk and I was exhausted. This nap resulted in me not falling asleep until past 11pm. I usually go to bed at 9pm because growing a baby is draining. At 1:30am Matteo awoke with ear piercing screams. You would have thought someone was murdering him. What did he want? Milk of course. 3 sips of milk to be exact. Then he went back to bed as if nothing happened. I, however, did not. I started to think about how I really don’t want to have to pay the hospital $600 to get a private room, but on the other hand I really don’t want myself, my baby and my husband stuck in a room with 3 other women. And what are the chances I would just GET a private or even semi private room for free? Can I take that sort of risk? I’m not much of a gambler. Then I kept checking my phone because the internet is the Devil and it sucks me in and I need to throw my phone away so that I stop looking at it so much. And then Chad was breathing, you know, because he is a living human being and that was driving me crazy so I went into the spare room to try to sleep but that was futile until about 5:30am and then Matteo woke up at 6:30. He then tried to Karate chop me when I went to change his diaper and I decided that today was going to be a horrible day.

17. 05. 2016

Matteo has been down with a throat infection for the past 5 days so I’ve done nothing but snuggle and administer Tylenol and attempt to get fluids down.

He pronounces it Mr. Topa-v-v and I just can't handle it. #toddlerspeak

One of the best things about raising a toddler is how they are unable to pronounce certain words correctly. Matteo received some Mr. Men books for Easter and loves to call Mr. Topsy-turvy Mr. Topa-v-v. I just about die every time he does so. Not to mention the way he pronounces orange (organge) or octopus (opipuss).


A great many things occur when I am not looking.

This kid gets supremo bath services.

He looks so damn cute in this photo. Bath time used to be fun and easy and now it’s full of bribery (he NEEDS to play with the dental floss in order to sit on the potty and he NEEDS to sit on the potty before he has a bath) and compromise and it just seems to drag on forever. He is getting smarter and smarter at knowing how to postpone bedtime.

I wonder how many changes I could make around the house before Chad notices or comments on them?🙈 I've been sitting on these limited edition prints for 4 years. I'm ashamed to admit it, but after Chad bought them for me for my birthday I just

I finally got these prints framed and hung on the wall. Here’s a tip – you are still paying too much money when you go to Michael’s during one of their 60% off framing sales. Go to Urban Art instead.

I have this OCD thing about sandwiches where all the contents of the sandwich have to be within the border of the bread. Clearly @ciavarro does not have that issue... #whatisgoingonhere #meatspillage

This is how Chad makes a sandwich. I can’t handle it. All contents of a sandwich must remain inside the perimeter of the bread. How does one even attempt to eat this?

He would wander the forest for hours if I let him.

This little man is a wanderer. He wants to walk where he wants to walk and there are no two ways about it. We go to the park but he spends 2.5 seconds playing on the playground and then he is off, walking every which way. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that he always wants to walk in places he isn’t allowed. This also makes things like going to the beach or going for a picnic rather difficult because there is no sitting still or playing in a small area, there is only very long walks in every direction. Oh the head strong 2 year old.

Matteo's Bunny met my Little Lamb today. They have a lot of things in common, like not being able to see their eyes....

Bunny is to Matteo what Little Lamb is to me.

Toddler breakfast for the win (hopefully) #nutella #strawberryjam #peanutbutter #maplesyrup

Toddler fun continues in the food department. In classic form, Matteo ate great as a baby and now won’t eat anything. If you were to ask me what Matteo’s favorite food was, or what I could guarantee he would eat no matter what, I would have to say, I have no idea. His tastes change day to day and while Strawberries are amazing today, they are not worth it tomorrow. It’s enough to drive you mad. But we try to just roll with it and not make food a big deal. In the “Pick your Battle” department this is not one I am willing to fight. There will always be some sort of cheese and some sort of fruit he will eat, and you can survive off fruit and and cheese alone, right?

Hair selfie with this lovely lady @missmarleej 😍💇👏

The long wait for Miss Marlee to get back in the salon chair is over and I took full advantage by getting a much needed pre-baby hair cut.

Planted all my pots today, though I'm sure I will buy and plant more because I just can't help myself...

With a large belly in the way, I decided that this year I would still plant my pots and herbs but I would steer clear of any garden beds. Thankfully the front is pretty much self sufficient, and, as I’ve mentioned 1000 times, the back yard is a disaster and is put on hold for at least another year.

On a positive note, the neighbours to the West of us cut down their last dying tree allowing for full afternoon sun to hit our deck and the neighbours to the East of us cut down two trees allowing for delightful morning sun. We are living the dream while still keeping all 4 of our monster trees. Bonus to all of this, my Zio and Zia are moving to a condo and guess who is hoarding all the pots they are getting rid of. Oh yea, you guessed it!

For my 31st birthday I got to have dinner with Chandler Bing

I just celebrated my 31st Birthday. I feel like I should feel old, but I don’t. I had a lovely day of pampering with my cousins and then dinner out with this guy. I always joke that he hijacks my birthday plans to suit what he wants to do, so this year I indulged him and we had post dinner drinks (Yay water!) at Moody Ales in Port Moody because we were just down the street and I’ve never been. It was a very cool place I’d like to revisit when I can drink something more than just water!

27. 04. 2016

How could I NOT buy this onesie? #baby #drake

Allow me to ramble on about life and pregnancy related items.

I am currently 31.5 weeks and everything is good. I am very, very thankful for that. The closer and closer I get to 33 weeks (when Matteo was born) the less and less anxiety I have.

Given the drama around Matteo’s birth and the fact that he was delivered via Emergency C-Section, I was able to chose between a natural birth or a scheduled c-section this time around. This is something I have thought a lot about over the last few months. I have talked to many people and heard many stories and in the end, I have decided to go for the scheduled c-section. This is a decision I feel very comfortable with and while I am sure many people have many options about this choice, it is my choice and to be honest, I don’t really care about your opinions. Ha. With this pre-selected date written down in my calendar I can now say I have less than 55 days to go. The planner in me rejoices at this. And yes, I know that just because I have a scheduled date written down doesn’t mean baby is going to adhere to that plan (Hello! Look what happened with Matteo!), but it allows me to focus on something.

The last few weeks have brought about the most exhaustion I have ever felt in my life. When I was this far along with Matteo I was stuck in a hospital bed on bed rest, so there was no physical activity that required me to exert any amount of energy. This time around I am not on bed rest, but rather running around with a toddler, working part time, and in the throws of nesting. I want to purge everything. Every day I find something else to clean and organize and it is leaving me constantly tired. Thankfully for me, I tend to do this every so often anyways, so there isn’t a lot of stuff to clean out but there is enough to totally wipe me out by the end of the day.

I really, really want to start decorating the nursery but I’m stuck in a bit of a dilemma. The baby’s room is currently the guest room, and since there is already a bed in there, my thought is that I will sleep in there for the first few months so that baby and I will not disturb Chad when we wake up through out the night. Chad is already the lightest sleeper ever so if baby were to sleep in our room, he would probably become a miserable zombie. And that is not good for anyone. The dilemma comes in fact that the bed that is in there is a double bed and takes up quite a bit of real estate. So while I think that baby’s furniture will technically fit, it’s probably going to be squished, and nothing will be able to rest in it’s final resting place, which is going to drive me nuts. So, really, there is no dilemma, I just need to suck it up that the room is not going to be 100% perfect right away.

Oh first world problems.

05. 04. 2016

Easter for us is kind of like a second birthday for Matteo. Even though the dates don’t line up this year, it was two years ago around this time that Matteo FINALLY came home after an exhausting 137 days in the hospital, just in time to celebrate Easter. It was his first Holiday spent with family. It was his first time at Church. And while we don’t go gift crazy like we would on his birthday or Christmas, we do like to celebrate it a bit beyond chocolate eggs.


This year haul.



I knew the “fuzzy ball” was going to be a huge hit.


Play Doh has become a big thing in this house, expect instead of him playing with it independently we wants me to sit with him and roll out letters. Classic Matteo.


Bunny Ears! Matteo loves bunnies.


Our Easter display.


We had dinner at my Moms house for Easter as tradition states. Chad family joins us as well. Matteo got all dressed up for the occasion, looking ridiculously adorable as per usual. Nonna got him a small collection of Mr. Men books which he loves and Grandma got him a lawn mower that blows bubbles, so pretty much the greatest thing ever.


Classic family photo on Nonna’s couch. It will be fun to make a collage of these one year.

I was thinking about planning an Easter egg hunt but I just couldn’t get my act together in time. In a perfect world I would love to set it up in the back yard since it’s so big with so many great hiding spots, but with all the back yard wildlife and iffy weather, it’s probably something I’d have to set up in the morning for the kids to hunt in the afternoon. And while I could have hidden eggs in the house like my parents used to do, I just think Matteo is at the age where he would lose interest very quickly. He didn’t even care about the eggs I laid out for him on the fireplace. Maybe next year he’ll be in more of a hunting mood.


On a rather chilly but beautiful morning, Elise and I decided to venture out with the kiddies to Redwood Park in Surrey. With lots of trees, trails and a playground for kids of all ages, this park is a must see. There is a replica fort you can climb and take in the views as well as a hidden fairy village full of adorably decorated mini houses.

In the late 1800s, 80 acres of land was given to deaf twin brothers, David and Peter Brown, by their father on their 21st birthday. Around 1893 they started planting the beginnings of what would become a forest containing 32 different species of trees from around the world. The land was donated to the city of Surrey and is now a wonderful park to visit and explore.





“Knock Knock”. No one was home.





Elise describes the Fairy Village as more of a Fairy Ghetto. There used to be only a handful of houses spread about that you actually had to go and look for. Now there are over 100 placed absolutely everywhere. It may not be as magical as it once was, but it’s still fun to check them all out.






The playground includes an area for toddlers as well as bigger kids, a sand pit for digging and a large swing. There are covered picnic areas spread throughout the park making it a perfect family spot in the summer.

It ended up being so cold the morning we chose to explore that we didn’t spend a lot of time at the playground because we were freezing. I look forward to going back again on a sunnier and warmer day.