Smelly Danielly
03. 03. 2015


You don’t really realize how bad your sons mullet is until you look back at pictures and think, “why did I wait so long?”.

Had Matteo’s hair naturally been curly or wavy or adorably long I probably would have left it, but it wasn’t any of those things. It was stereo-typically “I was born in Surrey and I drink Budwiser out back sittin’ on my pick-up”. I waited it out as long as I could but eventually it got to be too much and I caved to the peer-pressure. Looking back on it, I’m glad I did because seriously, his hair was ridiculous.

Thankfully we were able to get his hair cut at my mother house (thank you Marlee for coming over!) and were able to play his favourite nursery rhyme video. He didn’t move a muscle, until the end when Marlee was trying to trim his bangs and got in the way of him viewing his show (how dare she!).

Now he looks so much better. So much more adorable with out that party in the back.

Bye bye forever, Mr. Mullet!

As with everything else that happened in 2013, Matteo experienced a lot of “firsts” while still in the hospital. This year we were very excited to have Matteo experience the pure joy and madness that is Christmas at home!


The morning started out with the tradition breakfast at Casa Ciavarro.


I found this adorable hand-me-down outfit in Matteo’s closet on Christmas eve. Good timing!


Note the family resemblance.


Present madness!


Someone was super pumped for Grandma and Grandpa’s gift. Three months later and Papa STILL hasn’t put it together. Srsly.




After breakfast we went home to open up more stockings and presents.


I basically dress Matteo is outfits that I would wear if I were a boy. So essentially we wear the same thing all the time.


I can not tell you how many times I have looked into the living room to see some variation of this exact scene.


Final stop of the day, stimulation overload at Nonna’s house!


Sitting in his new Old Man chair.


Our annual family portrait now with more baby.


Puppies waiting for scraps.


Spoiled again!

Christmas is so fun with kids. I’m looking forward to next year when Matteo will be more aware of everything. It only gets better from here!


I started making Matteo’s birthday decorations a few weeks in advance of his birthday as I knew things would be pretty hectic the closer we got to the big day. I didn’t go too crazy. I make a sign, some tissue paper pom poms and then hung some coloured streamers. Oh, and I also made confetti by hand hole punching coloured paper with a single whole punch, you know, because I am crazy.


I also had to go out and buy a silver 1 balloon because, well, I had to.


Uno was the theme of course.


I baked a couple of things, including cupcakes and cookies. I also made all the appetizers from scratch because I like to make my life difficult. I love doing it but it sure was exhausting. Thankful I did get some people to bring food as well so I wasn’t totally going crazy with prep work.

DSC_5832 DSC_5835

My Aunt made Matteo’s awesome cake!


With it being his first time opening presents, Matteo wasn’t quite sure what to do. Oh, and of course we had to have football on in the background for all the men.


Matteo was mesmerized by the candle.


And thought the cake was pretty delicious too.


After a quick costume change him and Papa decided to make the same face.


Then he went off to play with his new toys.

The party was great with so many family and friends showering Matteo with gifts and love. However, I did find it a bit overwhelming! I don’t know if we have ever had that many people over to our house before. There was barely any room to move! I think next year I need to split it up and do friends on one day and family on another. That might be a bit more manageable.




The following day was Matteo’s actual birthday. He ate some party hats, ate some cake and played with all his toys. He was a happy boy.

05. 02. 2015

This shit is getting emotionally draining.  #365photochallenge #breastissues #biopsy

The biopsy on my calcium deposit last week was more painful and awkward than I was expecting. Imagine laying on your side having a mammogram while a machine punches needles into you. I mean, yes I was numb, but still. I was way more sore afterwards than I was expecting.

There was talk that I wouldn’t receive my results by the time my follow up appointment was scheduled but thankfully my doctors receptionist hounded the hospital and the results arrived in the nick of time.

No cancer on either front, the lumps or the calcium deposit. That was all I cared about. All I wanted to hear.

And while that was good, there was more.

My calcium deposit is categorized as Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia. In other words it is a high risk lesion which increases my risk of getting breast cancer in my life time. I will have to have surgery to remove it and then be followed up yearly with a mammogram.

God only gives you as much as you can handle and I can handle surgery. While I am not looking forward to being sliced and diced I will not have to stay in the hospital over night, I will get to lay in bed and read and recover (which appeals to my sloth like abilities) and I get to add another cool scar to my collection. Sliver linings, people.

The surgery is not scheduled yet but will most likely be in mid March, right around the time of my colposcopy. YAY being a woman!


I love the snow. I especially love the snow when I don’t have to work and I don’t have to drive.

The first snow of the season came a few days before Matteo’s first birthday. While it technically snowed while he was in the hospital the previous year, we counted this as his first snow day.

I didn’t buy Matteo a snowsuit this year because I didn’t expect it to snow very much, or at all and even if it did, would Matteo go out and play in it? Probably not, so I wasn’t about to spend the money. But then when it did snow all I could think about was going out and playing and taking pictures.

Thankfully my Mom had given me my old snow suit which I was supposed to use for Matteo had he been born on time and it snowed, but of course none of that worked out the way we thought. So when I found it on the morning of Matteo’s first snow day, I decided to “cram” his “oversized” body into my “undersized” snowsuit. It was a very tight squeeze but it worked for a few photos.

Matteo didn’t really know what to make of the snow. He didn’t really seem interested or uninterested until I tossed a small snow ball at him and he decided he was NOT a fan. Papa quickly saved him and he was no worse for wear.

Since that snow day in late November it has not snowed at all (minus a couple hours of snow rain a few weeks back) and that makes me sad. I have no where to go! LET IT SNOW! Be a pain in the butt now when I don’t have to take a million buses to work or get stuck on the highway for hours on end. BRING ON THE SNOW. But maybe not blizzard like amounts.