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It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a mother promises to write a blog post, children, work, and life will get in the way preventing her from doing so. I should know better by now and yet here I am. Two weeks late. But! None the less! PUMPKINS!

It is ingrained in my blood that I MUST go and buy pumpkins from a patch the first weekend in October. It just isn’t Fall if I don’t go and do this. Part of the reason is I like to have 50,000 pumpkins ready to decorate my house for Thanksgiving, and part of the reason is, there is no better way to kick off everybody’s favorite season.


This year we broke with tradition and visited Laity Pumpkin Patch instead of Hazelmere (though to be honest, we may check Hazelmere out next weekend). Having only been once in my life (when I was 5 years old with my Kindergarten class) I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Needless to say, I was thrilled with everything we came across on our visit.


Beautiful displays decorated the farm. They were all so lovely I tired to take them home with me.


It’s hard to say who enjoys farm animals more, Matteo or myself. Just look at him all crouched down behind me talking to the bunnies. AH! so cute.


Papa Rossi reminiscing about old farm equipment.


The Fairy Tail Trail was super cute with lots of characters to see. Matteo enjoyed running through it all, checking everything out.


Naturally I loved the Little Mermaid section.


Because we went to the patch so early in the season, I only picked up a bunch of small decorative pumpkins, which were conveniently piled up at the from entrance of the farm. However, that didn’t stop us from letting Matteo wonder the fields in search of more pumpkins.


The corn maze was a little more tricky to navigate than I expected. We found out that my Mother has a fear of mazes as shes scared she’ll get lost and be unable to find her way out. So it makes total sense that she tried to take a different route from the rest of us so she could get a better angle on a picture and naturally wound up lost…


Eventually we found our way out.


An adorable little family photo


They had the most gorgeous wood paneled barn where they soldĀ treats and coffee.


The weather was a little iffy all morning so we didn’t get to check out the farm in it’s entirety.

There were more activities for the kids but Matteo just wanted to wonder and the clouds just wanted to rain.


Laity Pumpkin Patch was great fun for the whole family. I was a little disappointed with the variety of pumpkins they had only because I am used to Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch which has such a wide variety of pumpkins and gourds. In comparing the two, I would say Laity has the upper hand on family fun and activities for kids, while Hazelmere has the upper hand on actual pumpkins and gourds. So REALLY it is necessary to visit BOTH pumpkin patches during the month of October (at least, that’s what I’m telling Chad).

13. 10. 2016

I could eat her up!2 months! Her official weigh in happens on Tuesday so this is a guesstimate based on our scale at home, but I think it's clear Mama doesn't feed her milk but rather cream 😉

10 weeks! So old!Photo

Happy 3 months to this little princess 💕Photo

Happy Thanksgiving

The days are flying by and she is getting cuter by the minute. Half the time I just can’t even.

For the past 16 weeks I have been sleeping in Mia’s room. Since her room was originally the guest room it made sense to leave the bed in there and for me to “move in” so as to not disturb Chad with all the night time feeds that go along with a newborn baby (he is a very light sleeper and a tired Chad is a cranky Chad and I don’t want to deal with that). It’s been working out great, but after 16 weeks I decided it my be time to finally move back into my bed.

It’s been 5 days, and to be honest, it feels really weird to be back in my own bed. I mean, my bed is ridiculously comfortable, so I’m glad to be back for that reason. Oh and Chad, yea, he’s nice too. But now it just leaves me missing Mia. We’ve been sleeping in the same space together for over a year now so it feels weird to all of a sudden be apart.

I never got to have this kind of bonding time when Matteo was first born, so I feel little extra clingy to Mia. She’s my little mini me and I just want to snuggle her all night long.

Sleep is very important in our house hold, as I’m sure it is in many. When Matteo was a baby sleep was very important because the more sleep he got the more time he spent on CPAP. Once he came home from the hospital it took me a while to establish a bed time routine with him because I just had no idea what to do, but once we figured it all out, putting Matteo to bed became effortless because he knew what to expect.

Then along came Mia and I realized just how much I had also become so dependent on routine. I knew I had to wait to establish a bed time routine with her, because no 1 week old is going to listen to their Mother about what time is bed time, but because Matteo already had a bed time routine in place, Mia just sort of fell into one on her own based on what we were doing with Matteo. By 8 weeks she was bathed, changed, fed and in bed by 7pm and her night time sleep started to improve from there.

I am sort of obsessed with establishing good habits and I’m paranoid about establishing bad ones when it comes to eating, and sleeping, and generally all things baby. Sure there are times when you have to let things slide, or you just give up because the toddler has worn you down, but I always like to try and get back on track. This is why I was anal about getting Mia’s bedtime routine established from an early age.We’re a little more fluid with nap time. She sort of set a pattern for naps pretty early on and I’ve just followed it from there.

I feel like you can have flexibility in a routine as long as most of the steps are the same most of the time. We have so many routines that we do through out the day that sometimes I just want to throw it all out the window and go with the flow, but then the busy days come where our routine does go out the window and all I want is to get it back again! Sometimes it’s nice to know what to expect next.



29. 09. 2016

Mia looks a little concerned with her current situation.

I’m tired tonight, though that shouldn’t really come as a shock.

I try to do a lot of things every day because I am crazy and can’t keep still. Like this morning when I decided to top up all my spice bottles. Was that necessary? Nope. But I’m crazy and it gave me great satisfaction.

I also went 0 for 2 this morning when I made Chad his lunch (I used to make it every day because I am a good Italian housewife, but then we had kids and he took it upon himself to make it because I was busy dealing with the kids and I much appreciated that he did that) only to find out he was having a lunch thing today and didn’t need to bring anything. Then I popped his English muffin in the toaster and slathered it with peanut butter only to find out he doesn’t eat English muffins that have been peanut buttered by someone else. I’m sorry, what? We’ve been married for 8 years and I’m only finding this out now? I swear I’ve put peanut butter on his English muffins before…

It’s very interesting to me what you discover about your significant other only after kids are in the picture, such as Chad’s need to mentally prepare for things. And I don’t mean big things, I mean every thing. For example, my Mom is hosting a little party on Sunday for Mia (a pseudo baby shower if you will) and Matteo will be staying home with Chad. I had to make sure that Chad knew about this well in advance so he could mentally prepare for the fact that he would have to stay home with Matteo solo. If I were to have just written it on the calendar and not made a point of explaining what it meant, Sunday would have come and he would have freaked out. And it’s not like this is a new thing. Chad says this is how he has always been, but I guess there was never really anything in our lives prior to the kids that would come up that needed so much mental preparation, therefore, I never noticed it before.

It is adorable, though, to see how much more relaxed Chad is with Mia. If she is fussing he does not hesitate to go and pick her up and comfort her. He always viewed Matteo as so medically fragile when he was a baby so there was always this cloud of caution surrounding their interactions. Now of course it’s a different story and Chad helps him break into the cupboards to find all the good snacks.

Speaking of Mia fussing, the 5pm witching hour has been giving me headaches. Once 5pm rolls around everything we do is timed. The only way to get everything accomplished by 8pm so I can relax (and by relax I mean check my phone and then go to bed) is to follow a fairly strict schedule of events. This means when baby whines because she wants all the attention I have to ignore her to stay on schedule. Now, that makes me sound neglectful, but it’s more like “here, sit in your chair and I’ll chat with you while I make an overly complicated dinner, but I’m sorry love I can’t hold you and bounce you around the room till the end of time”. Sometimes when Chad is home he will whisk her away and all is good, but the last few nights he’s been going to the gym + I’ve been trying to get dinner on the table a little earlier to give us some wiggle room and it has meant that Miss Mia and her lack of napping the last few days has made 5pm my nemesis.

And then after all of this you realize it is way past your bedtime and you are still up trolling the internets and talking to your boss about photos for his website…


19. 09. 2016

My lovely cousin Melissa is in town and as per tradition we always schedule a day to spend together. She was supposed to be moving to Vancouver after her worldly travels but she met a boy and now she is moving to London *weeps silently*. This means Melissa visits are probably going to be fewer and far between which makes me sad, BUT she is she is so happy and excited for this new adventure that it makes me so happy and excited for her!

Our plan for the day was to visit a petting zoo but September is a bit tricky as the petting zoo at Queens Park is only open for the Summer and most other petting zoos open along side pumpkin season which we aren’t quite at yet. But while doing a bit of research I remembered seeing someones photos of Maplewood Farm and when I discovered they are open every single day I knew that was the place to go!



I thought Matteo would be really keen on seeing all the different farm animals up close since we play and talk about them so much but all he really wanted to do was hang out with the ducks.



Speaking of which, I need to start planning Thanksgiving Dinner…


There are so many beautiful lakes which are full of ducks. I’m half surprised Matteo didn’t fall into any of them while casing the birds.



Matteo likes to stop and spell things along the way.



I love sheep.


Oh hey, look at that. More ducks.


Feeding chickens was also very exciting.


Mama cow on the left was very sad because the farm had just sold her calf to another farm. She was mooing like crazy.





Hey pretty ladies.


This delightful chicken stole Melissa’s lunch while we were watching her.

The whole adventure was fun but a little crazy. I spent all night thinking about the logistics of everything and it was making me loopy. I knew I had to take a stroller of some sort in which to carry the diaper bag and our lunch. In a perfect world everything would have been paved (sounds reasonable for a farm) and I could have brought my regular stroller which Mia would have gone in to. But I knew that wasn’t going to be the case so I had to bring my off road stroller, except Mia is too small to go in there so she would have to be carried around in the carrier. The off road stroller could then be used for Matteo, but lets be honest, how much time was he going to spend in the stroller? 2.5 seconds? Probably. None the less, I wasn’t going to carry everything on my back like a pack mule so I had to take the stroller regardless. So, picture this, Mia strapped to me in the carrier, me pushing an essentially empty stroller while chasing Matteo around the farm trying to take pictures of everything because Scrapbooking! I probably looked like a crazy person. Add to that Matteo thinking he is an adult that can go wherever he pleases whenever he pleases and you have my insane morning that I brought onto myself.

And after all that I fail as a Mother because I totally forgot to get a nice picture of Melissa and the kids together and a picture of myself to show I was actually there. Oh well, I guess maybe next time!?

22. 08. 2016

Skin care has always been something that I have struggled with. Like most woman, I’ve tried a variety of different products to help clear, protect, and moisturize my skin without any real success. Sure I’d have moments of skin perfection, but they were always closely followed by reappearing acne.

When I was pregnant with Matteo I continued to struggle with breakouts. That sought after pregnancy glow was not something I attained while carrying my first born, but by that point I was so used to having to deal with acne, I just accepted it as the way it was. However, with Mia things changed. For the first time in years my face was clear and I was determined to keep it looking that way.

Soon after Mia was born I was introduced to the METRIN Skincare line and the way I cared for my skin completely changed.


METRIN Skincare consists of a 5 step system (Deep Cleanser + Lathering Cleanser + Vita Conditioner + Protective Lotion + Enriched Vita Conditioner) that helps keep your skin clear, healthy, and feeling amazing. In the past month while using METRIN I have noticed a complete overhaul in the way my skin looks and feels.

DSC_10011Your body goes through so much change while pregnant, it’s no surprise that your skin can be taken for a ride. Using METRIN is a great way to replenish your postpartum skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients that can easily be lost while your body readjust after birth. Plus, we all know how disrupted sleep can be in those last few weeks of pregnancy and those first few months with a new baby. And since sleep is so important for skin’s renewal process, using METRIN regularly can help protect and nourish your skin when sleeping in isn’t an option.

I’m a bit obsessed with having soft and moisturized skin. I think I moisturize my hands 50 times a day and I am never without some sort of chapstick. However, I’ve always been a bit unsure about moisturizing my face. Was I going to make my skin too oily therefore producing more acne? Was it really that necessary to moisturize my face? What sort of products was I supposed to use? The METRIN Skincare line took all the guess work out for me. Following their simple 5 set system my skin is cleansed, protected and conditioned in a matter of minutes. Plus you can use the Protective Lotion + Enriched Vita Conditioner on your scars and stretchmarks and it’s even safe to use on baby, especially when dealing with diaper rash (how amazing is that!). DSC_10021

When we went away to Manning Park a couple of weeks ago I decided not to bring METRIN with me because the reality was, all routine goes out the window when your at Manning and was it really going to matter that I didn’t use it for a handful of days? The answer was – YES. I remember looking in the mirror the morning after we arrived home and thought to myself – wow, so METRIN really does make a difference with my skin! It was in that moment I decided I would never leave home without it again.

I am so thankful that METRIN came into my life when it did. I’m sort of fixated with feeling my skin now because it just feels that amazing. I’ve finally been able to maintain clear soft skin which make me very happy!

***This post is sponsored by METRIN. All opinions are my own.***