Smelly Danielly

Laura and Ryan’s wedding was held at the Ravintola Boathouse in Helsinki, located on it’s very own island which was access by water taxi.


The men reporting for duty.


One of Ryan’s sisters reading during the ceremony.


They are married!


High School buddies – Jamie, Steve & Chad


Me & Ashleigh


The ceremony was originally going to be held out on the patio but it was a bit too windy that morning so they decided to do it inside.




The bridal party.


These two studs.


Three best friends.


Laura’s Dad gave Ryan and Laura flags so they would never forget where they came from.


Me and Jamie relaxing after dinner.


Sometimes I think he lives in the 60s.


There were amazing views all around us.


The sun beginning to set. It was probably 10pm at this point.


Blankets were provided to guests who wanted to sit outside even though it was chilly. If you come to the boathouse when it’s not hosting a wedding you can actually purchase a picnic basket of goodies and borrow some blankets and have a picnic on the island.


As you can see, Jamie was all snuggled up and ready to go to bed.


When Chad visited Ryan in Sweden he had heart palpitations from consuming nothing but scotch.


We met a fellow Trevisan at the wedding!


All the Canadian and American friends!


Ryan and Laura taking pictures by the moon.


Closing in on Midnight.


Taking the water taxi back home.

It was a beautiful wedding with delicious food and stunning views. It was also neat to take part in Finnish traditions and to teach the Fins our Canadian traditions!

31. 08. 2015

Friday night Chad’s niece Emily babysat for us and since she lives so “far away” whenever she babysits she also sleeps over. Saturday morning when I went to drive her home it was sunny and bright out despite the reports of the massive amounts of rain we were supposed to receive. However, as I drove her home we began to notice that it was getting super windy out. I hadn’t read anything about a wind storm so I didn’t really think much of it, until Matteo and I were on our way home and all hell started breaking loose.

Trees were down everywhere, streets were closed, lights were out. It was pandemonium. At one point it got really bad and Matteo started to freak out so I pulled into a McDonalds so we could get out of the car and have a snack, but just as turned off the car a huge tree branch fell onto the roof and slid off. This sent Matteo into a fit of tears and scared the crap out of me. McDonalds ended up losing their power 2 minutes later so we had to head back out into the storm.

When it was all said and done we had been stuck in traffic for over two hours. When we finally got home it was like a bomb went off and there were tree branches everywhere. While the majority of the damage had been done while I was out, there were still tree branches flying around. We somehow lucked out and never lost power, even though everyone else we know did. It seemed as though the majority of trees that fell down were deciduous and since we are surrounded by evergreens that somehow saved us.

Yesterday afternoon we started the cleanup.


This branch doesn’t look very  big in the picture but it was huge and very heavy. I’m not sure how it didn’t actually damage the fence.

Cleaning up2015-08-31_07-47-26

I think we filled 10 green bags full of branches and we didn’t even get a chance to clean the deck, which is also covered with tree debris.

This storm didn’t make me second guess my love of giant trees and living in a forest, but it did point out that we really need to get our trees trimmed. Plus, our entire backyard smelled like Christmas thanks to all the fallen fir branches.

26. 08. 2015

Last night a group of us participated in Ce Soir Noir, an alternative event to Diner en Blanc.

When I read about the event on Vancouver Is Awesome I thought it was a really neat idea because not only was it an inclusive event, but you got to wear black (and being Italian, this is very favorable).

I’ve never been invited to Diner en Blanc but I know people who go. As an outsider it seems like a very exclusive elitist event. As an insider I’m sure it makes you feel very special and important. When I thought about it last night, it’s like Diner en Blanc is a party for the Ashley’s and Ce Soir Noir is a party for the Recess Gang. It’s not that one is better than the other, it’s just that they’re different. I love picnics but it’s something we never get around to doing and personally, I would rather get together with friends, in a casual setting and just hang out. Plus I have plans to through my own personal Diner en Blanc in my backyard, if we ever get around to landscaping it.

The al fresco picnic was held at Crab Park in Vancouver. When Chad and I couldn’t find parking we ended up driving to Canada Place to find a spot and there we spotted all the white dinner guests of Dine en Blanc. It was kind of hilarious that we happened upon them all while trying to get to a “rival” event.

Everyone was asked to bring a non perishable food item for the food bank and Backpack Buddies was there to collect all the goods. They were very happy to receive my Costco sized donation of Chef Boyardee!


Our dining crew for the evening. 

Early in the evening as people were still arriving. There was quite a big turnout by the end of the night.

American Gothics with a charcuterie platter.


Jeremy turned his back on us but I can’t remember why.

  This is Peter from CTV. He interviewed us about why we came to Ce Soir Noir. After the interview he decided to sit and hang out with us because we were just that cool.


Chad was not impressed that I “dragged” him to this event. Chad doesn’t like dressing up so the fact that he “had” to wear black put him in a bad mood. But he quickly got over it because Friends + Beer + Cured Meats + you’re not 18 anymore so stop trying to fight “the man”.


This is my favorite series of shots I’ve ever taken of Chad. He is such a serious man. NOT.


Time for photo op’s!


So happy to be here! My skin colour is literally white in this photo. Ridiculous.


Everett and Kelsey, spelled in the traditional way.

I’m glad Kelsey agreed to join me in this crazy idea, because if not, we wouldn’t have gone.


Night feels.

As you can see, those “Smug Bastards” at Diner en Blanc were just around the corner from us.  

Here is the clip from our CTV interview. I’m glad my speaking part was not included…but Chad’s was! You can see me cringing in the background as I anticipate what he is going to say!

21. 08. 2015

Back in July, Chad and I dropped Matteo off at Grandma’s house and boarded a plane to Finland for our friends Ryan and Laura’s wedding. Ryan and Chad met when they were teenagers and have been friends ever since. Quite a few years ago now, Ryan moved to Finland to go to school and there he met Laura.

I always told Chad that if Ryan and Laura were to get married we would have to attend their wedding, not only for the fact that Ryan and Chad have been good friends for so long, but because I wanted to go to Finland! Thankfully both sets of grandparents were very supportive and offered up their services to watch Matteo while we traipsed around Europe.


Our flight to Munich was less than stellar. The woman directly in front of me had a medical emergency 4 hours into our 9.5 hour flight. We thought we would have to make an emergency landing at some point but luckily we didn’t. We are not sure what happened to her but I did see her walk off the plane so I assumed she was OK. It was scary and left me with a horrible feeling for the rest of the trip there.


We had a 5 hour layover in Munich which went by relatively quickly. Chad drank copious amounts of beer and I had an Italian panino, because no matter where you are in Europe, you eat Italian food (at least I do). This also set the tone for the trip, food wise, without me knowing it.


When we finally arrived in Helsinki it was close to midnight. I had barely slept and was exhausted, but everyone was raring to go. I tend to have anxiety my first night somewhere new and after a dramatic flight and the thought of Matteo back home I was a mess. I knew all I needed was a good nights sleep and I would feel different in the morning. We all finally went to bed at 3am because apparently sleep is overrated and I don’t like to listen to what my body needs.

We rented a flat in Helsinki through Airbnb and shared it with our friends Steve and Ashleigh. It had a great layout and immediately felt like home. It was such a great experience and we got such a great deal that we will definitely be using Airbnb more often when we travel.

You can see the couple who owns the flat has their wedding picture up on the wall. The husband, Rope, totally reminded me of Gunther from Friends. Their apartment had such a cute style to it and the pictures of their little daughter and puppy were adorable.


Our first full day in Helsinki was spent sleeping and walking around the city. We found this cute restaurant called Vapiano and sat down for a drink because anything Italian is something we automatically need to check out. We didn’t have time to eat there but we went back a few days later for lunch and it was great. If I lived in Helsinki I would eat there ALL.THE.TIME.


That evening the boys took Ryan, out for his stag, which included dressing him up as a woman and taking him to every bar in Helsinki. Since Laura, who is from Finland, already had her stagette with her girlfriends, she took Ashleigh and me to this great patio where we chatted and drank sparkling wine, something all the young ladies do in Helsinki.

After our drinks she took us up to the roof top bar at the Hotel Torni which had amazing views of the city. It was 11pm at that point and the sun was JUST setting. As you can see in the photos above, the sun was on one side of us and the moon was on the other. It was incredible.


On our second day we checked out the Helsinki market where they sell crafts, souvenirs and food. It’s right off the water so there is always a flurry of tourists coming off cruise ships. They sell a lot of things made from reindeer, since they are so abundant in Finland. I bought a few things for myself and as gifts. I was very tempted to bring home a reindeer hide but I was pretty sure Chad would not be impressed with that idea.


I even decided to sample a dish they called Reindeer Delight which consisted of reindeer sausages, meatballs and veggies.


It was all very tasty! I would definitely recommend trying reindeer meat


After the market we met Laura and Ryan at their townhouse for a family BBQ. They had just finished renovating their home and it was beautiful. Not to mention their backyard is an open forest.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how stunning this is!


Ryan’s family, who live in White Rock, flew out for the wedding along with Laura’s Student Exchange family from Milwaukee. Since Ryan has lived in Sweden/Finland since as long as Chad and I have been together, I’ve never met his family or spent any time with them. They were such wonderful people, it was like we had known each other for years. Laura’s Milwaukee family, Katie and her boyfriend Steve were also really fun to hangout with!


On our third day there we all met up to take a boat cruise of the harbour. But first we had to stop at Robert’s Coffee, a famous Finnish coffee shop for caffeine and the biggest chocolate meringue of my life!


Just a bunch of Canadian’s in Finland.


Ryan and his European style


The Tangs & The Ciavarros


It was a beautiful day for a harbour cruise. There are so many little islands around Helsinki. There is so much to explore!


The building on the left hand side is where Ryan and Laura were getting married the next day. The view from there was gorgeous.


King’s Gate. One of the main entrances to the island of Suomenlinna. We went and visited the island a few days later and it was the highlight of the trip for me.


After the cruise we walked around the city some more before heading to dinner with everyone. The next day was the wedding so everyone went home early to have a good nights sleep.

17. 08. 2015

I know that as we go through life friends come and they go. I can look back and specifically think about periods of time where I was very close to certain people, then our lives changed direction and we were no longer as close as we used to be. So many times we are thrown together because of school or work or organizations we belong to and then those things end and so do our friendships, to an extent.

And while I know all this and I have accepted it with every friendship I’ve ever had that has only lasted a period of time, there is one friendship that my heart still has not gotten over.

It was so long ago now that we parted ways that I honestly don’t know exactly how we left things. I seem to remember feeling as though all of a sudden our friendship wasn’t as exciting as all the new adventures and possibilities that were there for the taking, but then my memories could be wrong.

You try to make the effort time and time again until you realize that they mean more to you then you mean to them. It’s a hard pill to swallow. Clearly since its been probably 4 years and I am still dwelling on it.

Sure I could reach out and try to find out what happened but that would involve a confrontation of some sort and we all know how I like to avoid those. Plus there is also the very real possibility that things are remembered differently and maybe I was at fault for the dwindling of our friendship.

Or its just the fact that we truly did just grow apart and my heart just has to realize that and get over it.

I don’t know why this plagues me as much as it does.

She really meant something to me.