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25. 05. 2011

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve mentioned the Italian drink Spritz about a million times since I’ve come back from Italy. I don’t even particularly like the drink, and yet it’s all I talk about.

Spritz is a wine-based cocktail that is usually served as an aperitif in northern Italy, especially in the Veneto region, so essentially, my back yard. It’s the cheapest drink you can get in a small town and the bars are always filled with men on their way home from work stopping off for a Spritz.

The main ingredient in a Spritz is Aperol, which, until recently, you could not get in BC liquor stores. This made the Spritz a very elusive drink amongst the family.

We didn’t really seriously look into satisfying our palates with a bitter pre dinner drink until Elisa came and talked about how much she missed Spritz. Next thing you know she has Italian friends bringing it in from Italy and everyone’s a buzz over the Spritz. 

Just so happened that Mom used her connections at the BC Liquor Store and found out that their newest import was to be Aperol. A week later Mr. Ciavarro was on it, purchasing a bottle for our own drinking pleasure. Needless to say, we invited Elisa over to give us a tutorial on how to make the perfect Spritz.

Cut the Orange
First you slice up an Orange.

Elisa and the Orange

Then you smile for the camera.

Fizzy Water

You add the orange slices, ice cubes, and one part sparkling water to a glass. We used San Pellegrino.


Next comes 1 part Prosecco.


Lastly, 1 part Aperol.

Three Spritz!

Bitter Happiness
You can always fool around with the quantities of the liquids depending on how you like it. I perfer more Prosecco then Aperol because I only like a little bit of bitter flavour.

Don't forget the chips!

Remember, you can not have a Spritz with out lightly salted chips. They always come complimentary with your order.




Look at those happy Northern Italian (minus Chad) Spritz drinking faces!

Next time you have friends over for dinner, why not serve them a Spritz to start the night off (I promise they’ll think you are really classy)!

5 responses to “Drinks On Us”

  1. Alyson says:

    You should do a series of videos showing us how to make Italian things. They’d be a smash hit, I’m sure!

  2. Krista says:

    I love colourful drinks! Would it be alright to serve them in coffee mugs and tea cups? That’s all we have right now… or is that pushing it? ;)

  3. Bill says:

    A Spritz can also be made with Campari – again to modify the level of bitterness.

  4. @ Alyson – Do you really want my Italian man voice recorded for all to hear?! Haha!
    @ Krista – Ohhh a Spritz in a Tea Cup! You can start a new tradition!
    @ Bill – Very true! My family in Italy just always used Aperol.

  5. I don’t know about happy, but certainly good looking faces one and all.