Smelly Danielly
18. 04. 2012

When we moved in with my parents back in November, I had to change the route in which I came to work and instead of driving down Commercial Drive I decided to take the quieter and cuter option of driving down Victoria Drive.

I love Victoria Drive. The houses are stunning, the streets are quiet, and you just get a warmed sense of community when walking around the neighborhood. I noticed a while ago a little shop being worked on but I couldn’t quite tell if it was coming or going. It had this beautiful old mural on the side of the building and everything about it was rather rustic. Because I had only just started commuting down Victoria Drive I didn’t know whether is was something new that was popping up, or something old that was closing down.

As it turns out a brand new Neapolitan pizza place we was opening up. We gathered up the Foodie crew and made our way down for dinner this past Saturday.

Via Tevere

Fiat 500!

Via Tevere

Named after the street in Naples where their Father grew up – Via Tevere – this family opened up a restaurant celebrating the iconic symbol of Naples – Pizza!

Via Tevere

Turns out the old mural actually belong to the bakery that was in this location many years ago. They discovered it while renovating and decided to show it off.

Via Tevere


I remember driving to Sorrento from Pompeii and pulling over to the side of the road to take a look at the view. This painting reminds me so much of it.

Chad Loves Salad

We started off with a Caprese salad because it is one of Chads favorite salads. What I love about Italian cooking is they let the ingredients speak for themselves. Simple yet so full of flavour!

Marisa & Marilyn ordered the Rucola con Limone salad, which I just had to steal a bite of. Best salad ever. I want to make this salad and eat it EVERY DAY!

Hello Love

Prosciutto e Funghi pizza for me!

I can never say no to Prosciutto and I am on a major mushroom obsession so I had to have this pizza. The best part was that the ingredients were not overpowering and I could taste the tomatoes and the cheese. I could not get over how good the tomatoes tasted and they weren’t even the main star of the show!

Mr. Pizza

Chad and Dad had the Vesuvio because they always have the spiciest pizza on the menu. They both really enjoyed it and kept talking about how good it was the whole weekend haha!

Lazy Eye
Stink Eye

Since we spent the entire day running around the city pricing thing out for the house wearing a cute outfit was the last night on my mind. Given the opportunity, 95% of the time I will dress like a scrub. At least I was wearing pearl earrings!


Nothing says Pizza Joint like a palate of flour!

Chads Eye

Spot the crazy amazing oven in the background?

Dinner Time Crew
The Girls

Dinner Crew!

Neapolitan pizza places really seem to be popping up a lot in the city, and I am more then thankful for it! Each one brings its one flare to the prize of Naples. Via Tevere was very very good, and seeing as it is a 5 minute drive from my work I can see a lot of after work dinners taking place here.

Now I’m thinking about how good those tomatoes were on the pizza. I totally want to order a Margherita and just taste awesome tomatoes. Can we go back now!?

3 responses to “Andiamo a Via Tevere”

  1. Keira-Anne says:

    This post makes me incredibly happy for several reasons (your pearl earrings included). I know exactly where J and I will head for our next date night! Which part of Victoria Drive can we find it on?

  2. Via Tevere says:

    Wow… thanks for the great review… Hope to see you soon!