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26. 09. 2012

A while back the Vancouver Whitecaps were having a sale on tickets. We wanted to get some for the Seattle game but they sold out to quickly so we decided to check out the Colorado game instead.

We were really looking forward to this day until Chad came out of a meeting at work and found out he had to fly to Ottawa to fix some computer program. You know, because Ottawa doesn’t have ANY computer program fixers there. This all went down on Thursday and he had to fly out on Sunday. Excellent timing.

So with an extra ticket to the game I treated Nonna Shazzi to an adventure downtown.

Vancouver Whitecaps
Vancouver Whitecaps

The first half of the game was a little boring, but things picked up nicely in the second half. Steve Nash was at the game and everyone went nuts when they spotted him with the cameras.

Shazzi & Smelly
Shazzi & Smelly

I am horrible at taking these pictures. I always cut myself out of them. That, and I still haven’t figured out how to smile properly with my braces in. It’s like there is too much stuff going on in my mouf.

These photos also feel very old school. Shaz and I + self portrait blogger pics = 2005.

Vancouver Whitecaps

We couldn’t understand why they were ‘watering the lawn’ but they guy next to us said it had something to do with the way the turf feels. It was funny too because a member of the Colorado soccer team kicked a corner kick right there and totally bailed. Give the man with  the hose a raise!

Vancouver Whitecaps

We scored two goals in the 2nd half and were on our way to winning right before Colorado tied it up. Their Goalie was super tall and had a thick beard. He scared Shaz and I because he was SO ANGRY ALL.THE.TIME.

Even though the game ended in a tie, it was very entertaining. I also LOVE the new BC Place. I think I love it more then Empire Field and I really loved  Empire Field. The new roof was so worth it. The atmosphere in there is totally different now.

The Walk

After the game we met up with my cousins Steven, Moreno, and Lorella and walked over the Georgia Viaduct, something Shaz and I had never done before, to have some eats at Pizzeria Farina. I had the same pizza again, because I love Funghi,

It was a great day, even though fancy pants Mr. Ciavarro couldn’t come. I’m glad I got to bring Shaz along with me, since she had never been to BC Place before. Whitecaps games are such great fun!

One response to “Get Off My Pitch”

  1. Shazzi says:

    I am convinced that the goalie was in Game of Thrones. He’s too freaking tall to not be