Smelly Danielly

I have graciously received a wonderful head cold. I realized this while trying to do a breathing exercise during yoga last night. To be honest, I am not surprised. It was bound to happen at some point. I’m actually more surprised that it took this long. This is what I get for not letting my body rest. For working 8 hours a day, spending 2 hours a day in traffic and then coming home and working until I go to bed. I feel like I have been hit by a truck, and the beauty is, I have no time to be sick, like always. Ryan is finishing up the trim work today and I have going to clean the entire house of pine needles and saw dust. Then tomorrow I have to cook some dishes for a wonderful early Christmas dinner with friends, and the In-Laws are visiting on Sunday, which you know means I want everything to be perfect in the house, even though it is very likely that nothing will end up being perfect.

To go along with my sick face I have decided to reinstate Lesbian Fridays. Not really sure why I ever stopped participating in Lesbian Fridays, considering how fun they are. Lesbian Fridays consist of sleeping in, wearing no make up and dressing yourself in boyish jeans and plaid with a horribly messy bun.

Now, picture this. Lesbian Friday + sick man voice = the original man repeller.

Chad is the luckiest man I know.

Also, this.

2 responses to “I Won’t Treat You Like You’re Oh So Typical”

  1. [ Shaz ] says:

    Why aren’t you at home in a blanket igloo?

  2. Ashelle says:

    You should take a break and look after yourself or the cold might just stick around longer than you’d like. I’m sure if things are not perfect for Sunday, the in-laws won’t implode.