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We started to put up our Christmas decorations this week. We don’t have enough to decorate the entire house, but that’s why there are sales after Christmas. I think we will pick up a few things each year once the season is over until we have quite the collection of Christmas goodies. We also decided to stick with our fake tree this year, considering we are still in the process of getting things set up in the house, plus real trees cost money, which we don’t have right now.

Chad also decided that we should NOT put presents under the tree because Santa comes down the chimney and not the tree so therefore the presents should be left in front of the fireplace. Remind me again how old you are, Chad?

Christmas looks to be a little quieter this year, which is refreshing. We will be dogsitting Lady for the week which I’m excited about AND I’ve actually take 10 days off so that I can hang out in my cozy new home with pseudo-foster pup. This is the first time in 5 years I will actually get to relax and really enjoy the Christmas season with time off.

Being as that we are now house rich and cash poor, there will be no gifts (ok maybe one) exchanged between Mr. Ciavarro and I. That is, unless the gifts are house related. At first I was kind of upset that there wouldn’t be an excessive amount of presents under our tree (sorry, I mean fireplace) but then I realized we have been waiting a long time to spend a Christmas in our very own house, and that in itself is the greatest gift we could ever give each other.

Now, if only we could get some counter tops in before the 25th, then we would really have a Christmas miracle!

2 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Alicia says:

    Awe! Adam and I have the same arrangement. Our anniversary is also Dec 23! haha so no gifts this year, beside our traditional stanley park train and anniversary dinner.A house is definitely a large present – One that won’t fit under either of our trees, er, fireplace.

  2. Marlee says:

    I feel like it’s a quiet Christmas for a lot of people this year! Kohlby and I are in the same boat as you guys. He’s renovating his house to sell it right now, so we’re also picking up the extra mortgage payment as well as our rent here. Needless to say we’ve decided on maybe just one thing for eachother and a stocking or something. I’m not even putting up Christmas decorations :S This place is very much lacking in the Christmas department!

    Your house is looking amazing, and it’s so exciting that you guys will get to have a nice relaxed Christmas this year. :) You deserve it! God knows you guys have been more than busy this year!