Smelly Danielly
24. 01. 2013


1. I hate getting to work late and being in a rush but I also hate waking up at 7am. It’s a lose lose situation.

2. We no longer have a production manager so I have taken on more tasks then ever. This leaves little time for fun. or the Internet.

3. Elise and I started watching Downton Abby last night. Naturally, we now want servants.

4. Tomorrow we get our appliances.

5. If Chad ever leaves me it will be because I don’t make him pancakes.

6. I bought copper core pots.

7. My Nonna said that if she knew I was going to eat “this much” after I got married she would have made me get married a lot sooner. I was 23 when I got  married. I don’t know how much sooner that could have happened.

8. Every time Ryan comes to do work on the house, him and Colin leave little notes. It’s my favorite part of them coming over.

9. I saw a van covered in Christmas lights driving down the hwy last night. All the lights were turned on. It was a sight to be seen.

10. Tonight we eat Mexican Tortilla Soup.

One response to “10 Points”

  1. Phaedra says:

    This is awesome! I love interesting little snippets of one’s life. Thank you for sharing!