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03. 01. 2013

Do you know what the best part of my last blog post was? I spelled Farewell wrong. That’s what happens when you write things in a rush.

For my first blog post of the new year, I will bombard you with Christmas photos.

Sleeping Lady Relaxing
Dachshund through the snow Pals
Pup Face Snoring Sausage
Black and White

Lady Cakes was super sweet this time around. Normally not the snuggliest dog, she would not leave us alone and had to be sitting with us always, which was super sweet.

Taking care of Lady during the Christmas break was a good test for us in the house. Pup can’t go up and down stairs and the only way to go pee is to go up and down stairs so this involved me getting a good workout. Obviously having a dog that can’t do stairs in a house that has stairs is not ideal. This may be a deal breaker in the Dachshund front which kind of sucks.

We were watching the Westminster Dog Show last week and fell in love with our original love, the Beagle, all over again so we might look at going that route. Either way, we will get a hound of some sort, since they are our favorite. However, we have decided that it makes no sense to get a dog now since we both work so far away from home, so the puppy front has been put on hold until further notice.

Fire Place
Gold BowlManger

Whats awesome about having Christmas while you are in construction mode? Papa Rossi gets to make you a manger for your nativity out of spare shingles! Yay!

Christmas was super quiet this year compared to past years. Christmas morning we had breakfast at Casa Ciavarro and then we had dinner at Casa Rossi. Boxing Day Chad and I did a little shopping on our own and then head over to Uncle Bobs for dinner and met up with Ryan and Elise afterwards.

Shadow the Hamster
Tractor Watching

Emily got a new hamster for Christmas which Tractor kept a watchful eye on.

Christmas Tree

Present explosion!

Emily & I
Nom Nom

I was trying to take a nice photo with Emily but she was goofing around so I decided to try and eat her head.

Chad & Emily

She has the cutest style ever.

Photo Bomb

Jonas was very excited about his Star Trek space ship delio.

Helpful Uncle

Emily had surgery on her thumb so Uncle Chad had to cut up her pancakes for her.

Golf Chad
Bow Head

We were spoiled again this year. Here is a small snippet of the gifts I received.

Hardcover BooksUber Cozy
Pandora House
Crock Pot

It really was wonderful to have so much time off during the Christmas break. Just enough time to be super lazy and somewhat productive!

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