Smelly Danielly
11. 01. 2013


So I should probably tell you whats going on with my teeth.

Back in November I finished wearing my Invisalign braces. 28 weeks went by pretty quickly and the process was not difficult at all, but I was very ready to get rid of them! My teeth looked their best and I was happy with the way they turned out.

However, during the first few days braces free I noticed that every time I ran my tongue against the back of my teeth, I could feel one tooth was still overlapped with another tooth. You could kind of tell when looking at them but not really and I had never noticed it before because my braces always felt smooth, so I never felt anything out of place.

I made an appointment right away with my Dentist to see if this was just my imagination or if there was something wrong. As soon as I pointed it out to him he noticed it and was worried that the tooth had been straight before but rebelled and twisted after my braces came off. So I was instructed to wear my last tray for 2 weeks to see if it could be corrected.

2 weeks later everything looked the same, which meant that while the braces looked like they corrected everything, they actually had not. I was a little bit worried that it was going to cost more money to have one tooth straightened but my Dentist assured me that Invisalign would send me a new set of braces to fix the problem with out any additional charge. Their goal was to get it right, so get it right they would!

After having new impressions taken of my teeth I went to get my new set of braces this week. My Dentist guessed that it would probably take 4 – 5 trays to correct the problem, but we were both surprised when the package arrived and it contained 11 sets. What! 22 more weeks of braces to fix 1 tooth! Holy mother. Looks like it’s not as easy of a fix as we thought.

So, here I am about to embark on another rather long tooth adventure. I knew that if I didn’t get this tooth fixed that it would drive me nuts, so if 22 more weeks is what I have to endure, then so be it. On the positive side, it is still a shorter amount of time than if I had to get metal braces.

Hopefully at the end of May everything will be perfect and I can finally be braces free!

One response to “Toof Update”

  1. Alyson says:

    As someone who suffered through years of dental work (I won’t even go into it, I had British teeth, that should tell you enough) I envy your Invisalign braces!

    But having nice teeth is SO worth it, and congrats (kinda?) on being on the last leg of your tooth-journey.