Smelly Danielly
27. 02. 2013


I went to Matt’s for dinner last night. I cooked him two types of pasta; Amatriciana (tomatoes with onions and pancetta) and a pesto made with walnuts and ricotta. It was all so good and so damn filling. Look at how classy our dinner set up was. Ugh. I want to steal everything that Matt owns. He has the most amazing design eye. I know I always say that but it is always true. The man is a GENIUS. Sometimes I just can not handle it. Every time I need to be inspired I should just go to his place.

We spent the rest of the evening watching the Nanny, because its the best show of all time and watching rap videos. I discovered the formula for creating a rap video, which I am sure most of you have. Ciroc, dudes in chains, mostly naked woman shaking there ass, and a lot of talk about cats, but not actual cats. We also watched Drakes newest video, because we are that predictable. It’s filmed inside a Shoppers Drug Mart which is hands down the most amazing thing of all time. Really!? Shoppers!? LOVE.

The great thing about staying late in the city is that driving home is so much easier then during rush hour, that is unless a Canucks game has just let out, the hwy was previously closed because of an accident, there is construction on said hwy, and it is raining like a mother trucker. I encountered all 4 of these things last night. Sweet Mother of Mercy. There was a point in time where there was so much rain and so much construction I could not tell where my lane was, you know, because they like to move the lanes every other day and there are no proper lines on the actual road. Worst ever.

Also, Rick Ross is really unattractive.

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