Smelly Danielly
07. 02. 2013

Gratuitous hockey and beer shot.

My dear husband. He has the brain of a masters student but at times has the thought process of a mule.

Sure everyone does things that annoy their spouse, like leaving lights on in rooms they are no longer working in, or leaving all the cupboard doors open after acquiring what was needed, or leaving tools spread out all over the house because “I may need them again”, however, this one, by far, takes the cake.

We ordered some faux wood blinds for the bedrooms from Home Depot. We were called to come pick them up so Chad borrowed my car and drove down to get our new window coverings. He unloaded them into the mud room and called me down to come look at them. Everything looked good and we decided we would install them the next night.

The next morning as I leave for work I open the basement door and notice that I don’t see the nose of my car. Humm, Chad must have parked it further back. I poke my head out the door and there I see it, my car, half parked in the car port, hatchback wide open, seats down, interior lights one, open to the world.

Are you kidding me CIAVARRO!

Without having been there myself I still knew exactly what happened, because I know exactly how Chad operates. He unloaded all the blinds (which were in 4 very large and heavy boxes), then when the last box was brought in he closed the door behind him to not let out the heat totally forgetting that my vehicle was exposed to the great wide world all night long.

Enter in rage face.

I know that he does not do these things intentionally, but he does do them all the time. Leaving things half finished is his MO and it is MADDENING  TURN OFF THE DAMN LIGHTS! CLOSE THE DAMN CLOSET! LOCK MY DAMN CAR!


Luckily we live in Pleasantville so nothing was taken from my car, but God only knows what kind of feral animals cuddled up in my warm back seat.

Sometimes, all you can do is shake your head.

One response to “Love and Hate”

  1. BWA HA HA!!! Oh, I would have been SO PISSED!!!