Smelly Danielly
15. 02. 2013

Prawns at the German haus We call them breaded cutlets
Nothing says love like a giant schnitzel. Moose sans antlers
Eins vines. Helga Schnitzelvoss

I put Mr. Ciavarro in charge of Valentines Day this year. What happens when you put Mr. Ciavarro in charge of Valentines Day? He takes you to a German Schnitzel Haus.


The whole time he was making the plans he kept asking me if I was sure I did not want any input and I can’t tell him I was sure I did not want any input. I wanted to see what HE would come up with. And I got just what I expected, something interesting.

Turns out trying to make reservations for a restaurant one week before Valentines Day is more difficult then it sounds. This led Chad on a while goose chance, trying to find a good restaurant that had room for us with out forcing us to wait in a giant line up for hours on end. He was left with two choices, the Boathouse or the German Haus. He chose the German Haus.

I have to say, the food was really good. We both ordered schnitzel because how can you not. Chad had the Schnitzel Cordon Blue, and I have the Schnitzel with mushrooms and Bearnaise sauce. Nom nom nom nom nom. Schnitzels are damn tasty, especially when eating at a restaurant that specializes in them.

The Old Bavaria Haus is obviously a very popular place because it was packed. People clearly wanted to spend Valentines Day with their two loves, their significant others and schnitzel. Thats exactly what Chad wanted to do.

Overall the evening was a success. Even though I probably would not have picked the Old Bavaria Haus, I am glad Chad did because it was something different then what we usually do and we had a fantastic time. Plus, nothing says love like a giant schnitzel!

2 responses to “My German Valentine”

  1. PatZ says:

    You just wait. We’ll hit up the Schnitzle Haus in Invermere and maybe Hanz vill be der still, und he can tell all about how zer chokolat dezzert vill go straight to his hips ja!

  2. Marlee says:

    Hahaha! I love seeing what men come up with. It’s actually hilarious what they choose but I agree that it makes it interesting! The food looks really good. I wouldn’t mind trying this place out!