Smelly Danielly
19. 02. 2013

Percolate jerk.

Here is the thing. I am a very boring person right now.

I attempted to get Chad to go for a walk with me on Sunday but it started raining so that didn’t happen. Plus we had a list of things we had to do around the house so we figured we might as well get that all done.

With Chad working every Saturday until the end of time, it only leaves 1 days for us to do something together and lately we have not been taking advantage of this one day. The problem is there are some house projects that we need to do together, so Sunday is the only day for this to happen, which means no adventures. This is why I am super boring.

I also keep saying that “this month will be the last month of renovations” but then the month passes by and we are still not done. Therefore, I am boring and also a liar.

I need fun to happen. I need to have basement parties and spend Saturday mornings reading in the sun. I need to bake up a storm and explore our neighbourhood. I am letting this unfinished house be my excuse not do any of these things. I need to either get over the fact that it is not finished or just beg and cry and whine until it is done. It is a constant battle of what I have control over and what I don’t have control over. This game of waiting that I have no choice but to participate in. I either need to make the best of it or let it take over my life until I am miserable.

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