Smelly Danielly
11. 02. 2013

Drunk sink

Things have been moving slowly on the reno front. We had our counter tops and sink installed which was great because being able to use your sink and counter tops is always a good thing. I am in love with them, especially my faucet because it is the most gorgeous faucet I have ever seen.

Our appliances arrived in a way that was a little bit more dramatic then I would have liked. The fridge they delivered was the wrong one and the stove already had damage on it. Luckily the piece that is damaged can be replaced, so we were able to go ahead and use the stove right away. The new piece will be installed this week. The fridge was the wrong size and model, so a new one had to be ordered. A week later it arrived so I didn’t have to wait too long, though I was super annoyed that it wasn’t right the first time because I was looking forward to the fridge the most. The dishwasher is being installed as we speak. Favourite Uncle/Plumber was on vaycay so the dishwasher has acted as an island for the past two weeks. I am very much looking forward to using it after not having one for 3 months.

We have been doing some paint touch ups around the house from all the marks and scuff that come with doing a reno and as you read, we bought faux wood blinds for the bedrooms and basement. Still need to make curtains for the living room and kitchen, but all in good time.

Our backsplash tiles have arrived but our favourite contractor is just too damn popular so there is a bit of a delay with the instillation of those. Really, all that’s left is the backsplash, crown moulding and range hood in the kitchen, then it will be complete!

I was hoping to tackle my sewing room this weekend, but with a giant head cold and Chad working most of it, I’ve had to put it off until next weekend, but I have a great plan for it so I am excited to start.

Oh, and we still have to stain the beam, which I am kind of on the fence about, even though I’ve bought the stain. Maybe I’m just on the fence because its going to be such a pain in the ass to do. So should have been done months ago before everything was installed. Oh well.

Slowly but surely. Clearly we are the tortoise in the race to finish this reno. Maybe this month it will be finished!?

It sure is nice to have a fully functioning kitchen though!

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