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Why is it that the closer we get to the end of the project that more frustrated and impatient I get? Maybe its because I know we are so close to the end I just want to finish it now? FINISH ALL THE THINGS.

Ryan and Colin have been working tirelessly on the house this week to try and finish up all the projects before next Wednesday when we have our energy assessment scheduled. Things were going very smoothly until Chad and I decided to grout. Here are some photos of the tiles before the grout death explosion of hate.


They look so beautiful. Can we go back to this?

We decided to grout last night, after a long day at work and the gym and other things and didn’t get started until 9:30. Fail number one.

We were told to use non-sanded grout for our tiles and for some reason, even though we had no experience with non-sanded grout, I figured it would be a lot easier then when we did the floors. You know, because on all those home shows, grouting a backsplash is like the easiest thing ever. UGH. WRONG.

We realized we were not going to have enough grout to do the whole kitchen about half way through, so we concentrated on the important parts – where the shelves were and where the hood was.

This morning when I went to see how it looked, well, it looked horrible. The grout was totally discolored; white in some areas and grey in others. It looked like crap.

My heart sank.

After talking to Ryan about it this morning and doing some research we discovered where we failed.

  1. We started too late
  2. We were in a rush to get it done
  3. We tried to mix the whole bag of grout at once instead of in batches
  4. We did not let the grout sit in the grout lines long enough before washing the tiles
  5. We added too much water to the mix

All of these things caused the grout to become too saturated with water, causing the colour to react and become uneven. (This also explains why our floor grout came out 2 shades lighter then what we wanted. Thankfully, the colour did not come out uneven and the lighter colour works as a great contrast to the tiles.)

So, you know whats happening tonight? I am going to go home, put on some spa music and chisel the hell out of the entire backsplash, calmly and peacefully.

Tomorrow, we will try this again. But not at 9:30 at night.

3 responses to “I Am Not A Grout Expert”

  1. Alicia says:

    oh no!! What a pain in the ass. I am exactly the same way, when it comes to doing anything, I want it done. NOW. Poor Adam has had to deal with that for the new house, no matter how impatient I get. And then, it usually turns out the same way. not as I had hoped, and most likely have to start over. UGH – Sorry to hear!!! Hope it goes smoothly the second time! xx

  2. A former neighbor says:

    Could have been worse… live & learn. At least it’s repairable.

  3. Marlee says:

    That sucks! :( Just think of how beautiful they will be when they’re all done right though!