Smelly Danielly
14. 06. 2013

Duck lips

Two Saturdays ago we held our open house / house warming party. The weather cooperated with us which was awesome because I don’t know how we would have housed all those people just inside. Though the party was a success and we received some very adorable gifts, I have felt like a bag of poo ever since. I guess you could say I was quite stressed out on Saturday and realized on Sunday that I barely ate or drank anything, leaving my stomach in a horrible state. Not to mention the pleasant migraine that showed up Sunday afternoon.

I have been in an extreme state of laziness every since. Mostly because I like being lazy and mostly because the destruction of the outside of our house has also started. That’s right, its drain tile time. I don’t want to deal with it so I have been hiding under the covers on the couch, every day, for 2 weeks. Because of this Chad had gone ahead and calculated that I have most likely spent 14 years of my life laying down. I think he is pretty accurate given the fact that I lay down every damn chance I get. I was not meant to be vertical.

So, I will probably continue to hide in my couch fort for the next little while as I try to avoid all the responsibilities and events coming up in my life. I’m usually not an avoid-er, but right now I can’t think of anything else I would rather do.


4 responses to “Blah.”

  1. [ Shaz ] says:


  2. I should think with all the work you guys did inside your house that maybe you’re a bit tired from that alone. And then preparing for a party on top of that. And now starting on the outside of your house, too. Your body is probably saying, “NOOOOO MOOOOORE!” One day, though, you will look at your finished work and say “this house is so awesome.” And then you will move. Ha ha! It always seems to happen that way.

  3. SJG says:

    I was super blah at the beginning of both of my pregnancies. Just sayin……
    Your house looks beautiful btw and is an inspiration for our new home :)

  4. raymes says:

    You are a perfectionist you put waaaaaaaaay too much pressure on yourself kiddo to get out of the funk just leave the house messy, go out and have fun you’ll be rejuvenated and better equipped to tackle the project/mess when you feel inspired to. Chad calculating your lazy days wasted is SUPER helpful too baha.