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27. 08. 2013

A few weeks back we met up with the ever busy Quanetts for some pizza at their favorite local joint. Having driven by Pizzeria Barbarella many times (mostly at night on our way home from the Bradley Hamm residence) Chad and I were quite intrigued by this hipster joint.

Pizzeria Barbarella

The inside was cool. Very sparse. It screamed hipster but that was cool with us. You know how we roll.

Pizzeria Barbarella

The menu was simple and to the point. We started with olives because we always start with olives.


While waiting for A & A Chad discovered Dario staring at us through the window.


OK. Dario wasn’t actually ON the crane, but it was his job site.


I watched the birds fly around.


Serving water in wine bottles is the cool thing to do, if you didn’t already know.  The water wasn’t quite “Frizzante” but it wasn’t quite “Naturale”. It was kind of like they took normal water and ran it through one of those “carbonate your own drinks at home” devices. Kind of neat.


Diavola. He has to get this at every place when he first eats there. He likes to judge places on an even playing field. Not to mention he just loves his Devil Pizzas.


I had the Filetto so as to compare it to my favorite pizza at Via Tevere. It was good, but it was definitely missing a POP of flavour. The big difference was that Barbarellas Filetto had cherry tomatoes and Teveres Filetto has San Marzano tomatoes and you can’t really compare they two because San Marzano always wins.

The left overs the next day where choice, however.

A & D

The Quanetts had just got back from their Euro vacation so it was fun to hear about all the adventures they had. We had just attended D & G’s wedding so we also got to compare Summer Wedding notes.

A & C

Look at these two smiling fools. Aren’t they adorable!?

It was nice to catch up with Adam and Alicia and it was great to get out and try a new pizza place. You know you’re obsessed when you’ve essentially been to every one in the city. And can we hang out with these guys more often too? I miss them.

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