Smelly Danielly
29. 09. 2016

Mia looks a little concerned with her current situation.

I’m tired tonight, though that shouldn’t really come as a shock.

I try to do a lot of things every day because I am crazy and can’t keep still. Like this morning when I decided to top up all my spice bottles. Was that necessary? Nope. But I’m crazy and it gave me great satisfaction.

I also went 0 for 2 this morning when I made Chad his lunch (I used to make it every day because I am a good Italian housewife, but then we had kids and he took it upon himself to make it because I was busy dealing with the kids and I much appreciated that he did that) only to find out he was having a lunch thing today and didn’t need to bring anything. Then I popped his English muffin in the toaster and slathered it with peanut butter only to find out he doesn’t eat English muffins that have been peanut buttered by someone else. I’m sorry, what? We’ve been married for 8 years and I’m only finding this out now? I swear I’ve put peanut butter on his English muffins before…

It’s very interesting to me what you discover about your significant other only after kids are in the picture, such as Chad’s need to mentally prepare for things. And I don’t mean big things, I mean every thing. For example, my Mom is hosting a little party on Sunday for Mia (a pseudo baby shower if you will) and Matteo will be staying home with Chad. I had to make sure that Chad knew about this well in advance so he could mentally prepare for the fact that he would have to stay home with Matteo solo. If I were to have just written it on the calendar and not made a point of explaining what it meant, Sunday would have come and he would have freaked out. And it’s not like this is a new thing. Chad says this is how he has always been, but I guess there was never really anything in our lives prior to the kids that would come up that needed so much mental preparation, therefore, I never noticed it before.

It is adorable, though, to see how much more relaxed Chad is with Mia. If she is fussing he does not hesitate to go and pick her up and comfort her. He always viewed Matteo as so medically fragile when he was a baby so there was always this cloud of caution surrounding their interactions. Now of course it’s a different story and Chad helps him break into the cupboards to find all the good snacks.

Speaking of Mia fussing, the 5pm witching hour has been giving me headaches. Once 5pm rolls around everything we do is timed. The only way to get everything accomplished by 8pm so I can relax (and by relax I mean check my phone and then go to bed) is to follow a fairly strict schedule of events. This means when baby whines because she wants all the attention I have to ignore her to stay on schedule. Now, that makes me sound neglectful, but it’s more like “here, sit in your chair and I’ll chat with you while I make an overly complicated dinner, but I’m sorry love I can’t hold you and bounce you around the room till the end of time”. Sometimes when Chad is home he will whisk her away and all is good, but the last few nights he’s been going to the gym + I’ve been trying to get dinner on the table a little earlier to give us some wiggle room and it has meant that Miss Mia and her lack of napping the last few days has made 5pm my nemesis.

And then after all of this you realize it is way past your bedtime and you are still up trolling the internets and talking to your boss about photos for his website…


One response to “A Day in the Life”

  1. Melissa says:

    I give you so much credit for being able to get so much done! I get a decent amount done but it’s usually one handed as Thomas has figured out how to scream a high pitched death scream if he’s put down. Luckily he’s starting to be more independent (very slowly but surely) which is helpful.

    I agree you learn more about your spouse after having a child. Kevin worries way more than either of us could have predicted!

    Both Mia and Matteo are adorable. I love these little updates so I figured I should comment and let you know that!