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13. 10. 2016

I could eat her up!2 months! Her official weigh in happens on Tuesday so this is a guesstimate based on our scale at home, but I think it's clear Mama doesn't feed her milk but rather cream 😉

10 weeks! So old!Photo

Happy 3 months to this little princess 💕Photo

Happy Thanksgiving

The days are flying by and she is getting cuter by the minute. Half the time I just can’t even.

For the past 16 weeks I have been sleeping in Mia’s room. Since her room was originally the guest room it made sense to leave the bed in there and for me to “move in” so as to not disturb Chad with all the night time feeds that go along with a newborn baby (he is a very light sleeper and a tired Chad is a cranky Chad and I don’t want to deal with that). It’s been working out great, but after 16 weeks I decided it my be time to finally move back into my bed.

It’s been 5 days, and to be honest, it feels really weird to be back in my own bed. I mean, my bed is ridiculously comfortable, so I’m glad to be back for that reason. Oh and Chad, yea, he’s nice too. But now it just leaves me missing Mia. We’ve been sleeping in the same space together for over a year now so it feels weird to all of a sudden be apart.

I never got to have this kind of bonding time when Matteo was first born, so I feel little extra clingy to Mia. She’s my little mini me and I just want to snuggle her all night long.

Sleep is very important in our house hold, as I’m sure it is in many. When Matteo was a baby sleep was very important because the more sleep he got the more time he spent on CPAP. Once he came home from the hospital it took me a while to establish a bed time routine with him because I just had no idea what to do, but once we figured it all out, putting Matteo to bed became effortless because he knew what to expect.

Then along came Mia and I realized just how much I had also become so dependent on routine. I knew I had to wait to establish a bed time routine with her, because no 1 week old is going to listen to their Mother about what time is bed time, but because Matteo already had a bed time routine in place, Mia just sort of fell into one on her own based on what we were doing with Matteo. By 8 weeks she was bathed, changed, fed and in bed by 7pm and her night time sleep started to improve from there.

I am sort of obsessed with establishing good habits and I’m paranoid about establishing bad ones when it comes to eating, and sleeping, and generally all things baby. Sure there are times when you have to let things slide, or you just give up because the toddler has worn you down, but I always like to try and get back on track. This is why I was anal about getting Mia’s bedtime routine established from an early age.We’re a little more fluid with nap time. She sort of set a pattern for naps pretty early on and I’ve just followed it from there.

I feel like you can have flexibility in a routine as long as most of the steps are the same most of the time. We have so many routines that we do through out the day that sometimes I just want to throw it all out the window and go with the flow, but then the busy days come where our routine does go out the window and all I want is to get it back again! Sometimes it’s nice to know what to expect next.



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  1. Gina says:

    I never realized how important routine was before having a baby. As soon as we established a routine with Domenico life got so much easier.