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02. 11. 2016

Be prepared for an excessive amount of cuteness in this post!

Matteo is still at the age where he’s not really into picking out his own Halloween costume. To be honest, until last week, he didn’t really even understand the concept of Halloween. So when it came time to pick his costume this year, I thought, I could take him to the store and see what he chooses, or I could go all out and surprise him with a costume of his favorite cartoon character – Nature Cat.

Matteo has been watching Nature Cat since it first aired on PBS last year. We have every episode recorded. He is a BIG fan.

Nature Cat’s outfit it fairly simple so I thought, though my drafting skills are a bit rusty, I would sketch a pattern and sew up Matteo’s very own Nature Cat costume. It was a feat of trial and error and a realization of just how rusty my drafting skills are, but I managed to get it done and I’m so happy with the way it turned out!

Nature Cat Comparison

Tally Ho! Matteo was pretty excited and just loved that he had a tail to play with.

The Saturday before Halloween it was our turn to host the annual Chili Eating Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza. Given how many little ones there are in our group now, we opted for a lunch time adventure. Only problem was, Saturday morning was a disaster for everyone involved. We managed to get together for a late lunch and a quick picture of the kids, but there was no pumpkin carving to be had.


As you can tell, not all of the kids were impressed with having their picture taken!


Little buddies!


With my Mom’s birthday on Halloween we all got together on Sunday to make her her favorite dinner (which by the way is Liver and Onions and no the rest of us did not partake in the delicacy). After dinner we got the kidlets together in their costumes for more pictures!


My niece Aliya, who is 2 1/2 months younger than Mia, was dressed up as Snow White. Is she not the cutest thing ever! Oh my gaa!


I originally wanted to get the Unicorn costume from Carter’s, for Mia, but it sold out very quickly. My Mom ended up picking up the Flamingo one and I’m so glad she did because it was beyond adorable! I took so many pictures of Mia (if you haven’t noticed). I want her to wear it every day!

It was actually quite amusing scrolling through social media Monday night to see just how many of my friends had dressed up their little ones as Flamingos too. So cute!


The outtakes from these two were ridiculous. I just love them so much!


Thank God the rain stopped just in time to trick or treat. We went out for about an hour which was perfect because Matteo got a good haul and Mia graciously put up with me carrying her around instead of being snuggled in her bed.


Chad stayed home and handed out candy like he usually does. He always enjoys that part.


Look at her little face! So over it haha!

 I got a kick out of how many people gave Mia candy when we knocked on doors. I was carrying a bag for over flow purposes not because I wanted to collect candy for my 4 month old. None the less, it was much appreciated!

Matteo loved knocking on doors and saying “Trick or Treat!”. It was so cute. It was a great Halloween had by all!


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