Smelly Danielly
01. 01. 2009

Day 353-3

I work in the fashion industry. I have fashionable friends. I like putting together outfits, every now and then. I am surrounded by new clothing, and new trends.

All of these points factored in when I found myself contemplating the idea of blogging about fashion.

While I do work in the industry, I do not die for fashion. I do not spend my life’s saving on clothing. I do not wear heels every day. I do, however, like fabrics and trims. I love textures and patters. I’m obsessed with buttons. I love the things that make up the outfits creative people put together.

A lot of friends, and people who’s blogs I read had started to include cute outfits in their posts. I loved this idea of being able to see my favourite bloggers personal style in the form of fashion. I knew I wanted to do something like this, but I wanted it to be different.

This is when I decided to create a blog where I talked about fashion, my latest obsessions, and where I would post what I wore every single day for a year.

365 outfits a year was born.

It was a fun and creative year, but it didn’t come with out its challenges. While the blog was more of a personal experiment rather then a fashion forward experiment, I did feel the pressure to come up with new and exciting outfits, when in reality, all I wanted to do was hang out in my favourite ‘scrubs’. It was a challenge to think about my outfit every day and know that I was posting it for the world to see so it better be creative and not too similar to something I had already done before. Finding the time to take photos every day was also a bit frustrating. Life would get busy and stressful and then you realize its 10pm and you don’t have a photo and you just look like a mess from the days adventures. I questioned my decision to take on such a project many times through out the year.

But on the positive side, I started to look at fashion differently. I took more leaps of faith and definitely tapped into my creative side more. I can be a pretty conservative and casual dresser most of the time, so thinking outside of the box became an important task.

I’m  glad I attempted and, if I dare say, succeeded at this project. I put my mind to it, stuck with it, and now have a catalogue of outfits to remember, enjoy, and become inspired by.

Though the fashion blog has officially finished, the fashion portion of my life has not. I hope to talk and post more about it on here, and experiment a little in my own way.

The great thing about fashion is that you don’t have to be covered in the latest designers to be interesting. Checkered Vans, skinny jeans, and Kersh sweaters have their place in history too.

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