Smelly Danielly
01. 08. 2013

So Fubar happened back in June. We went later than usual in hopes of good weather. Not that it would have mattered since Dario set up the Taj Mahal of tarp set ups this year. It wasn’t super sunny and hot but it also didn’t rain, which bothered Dario because he wanted Mother Nature to test out his craftsmanship. We actually had people come by and admire our set up. This is why you always go camping with someone who works in the construction industry.

At this stage in the game, no one knew Elise and I were knocked up. We were going to let it slip but then decided to wait and see if anyone would bring it up, given the fact that we both weren’t feeling 100% and neither of us was drinking anything other than Gatorade. No one said a word though I knew everyone suspected something.

Here are the photos from the weekend.

Home Sweet Home

Dario & Pat are the masters. There is no point heading up before them because they have to work their magic to get the campsite right.

The Tent
Our Spot

44 & 45 are ours always.

Lady Lady
Hands Free
The First One

Someone get Pilsner to sponsor our camping trip already.

Elise & Indy
Hole Digger

Indy enjoyed digging holes and then sleeping in them.

Scratch & Sniff

These guys are fans.



Sneak Peak

My Nonno used to call everybody a “Pee Pee Guy”. Lady for real is a Pee Pee Guy, except a Lady of course.

Mr. Chipmunk

Its always good to feed the wildlife.

Stick Ball
Stick Ball

Stick Ball Champion of 2013

Stick Ball

Everett’s face kills me in the picture. Above not below.

Tree Walk
Forest Walk

We went for a short walk because Lady is a short dog.

Forest Walk

The sun came out for reals Sunday afternoon and everyone FREAKED OUT.

Dinner Prep

Men preparing dinner.

The Site
The Site

Tarp Mahal.


Steve came up for one night with a cooler full of hard alcohol and bacon wrapped scallops.


The only proof that I existed that weekend. Despite the mild temperatures I froze under many layers. I think I’m becoming a lizard or something and need direct heat to make myself warm.

Tree Love

Pure love.

Tree Love
The Site
Roasted Chicken Dinner

Chicken Parade.

Roasted Chicken Dinner
Roasted Chicken Dinner

Indy did not like the rotisserie and let us know his feelings loud and clear.

Roasted Chicken Dinner

Pats chicken caught fire.

Roasted Chicken Dinner
Roasted Chicken Dinner

Slaving away. Unfortunately nausea hit me at dinner time and the meal I had been looking forward to all weekend long could not full be enjoyed.

The Morning After
Camp Fire Put Out
Camp Fire Put Out

The morning after fire douse.

Sleeping was ok this time around. For once I didn’t have a panic attack due to my fear of the dark. I have to thank Papa Rossi for sticking a mini flash light in my stocking last year because that thing came in handy!

Pat has already gone ahead and dubbed next year as FUBARF since there will be some little ones joining the group. Though I don’t know how easy it will be camping with a baby. I guess we’ll have to play that by ear because that will prove to be an interesting trip!

19. 06. 2012

Here is the story of our monsoon camping trip.

Setting up the Tent

It is shocking how efficient one can be when not drinking beer and trying to socialize.

Tree in the Way

We rented three campsites which was a bit of overkill considering not as many people came as we were expecting. However, this meant that we could stick all the tents on the single site and have the double site as the party grounds. Only problem was that a tree fell in the forest and nobody heard it so it blocked the path between the sites. Thankfully Dario moved it.


Every time we drive up to Golden Ears I tell Chad about how much I love evergreens and moss and lichen and ferns and he always says I know, you say this every year.


We knew Saturday was going to rain so the boys did a very good job of putting tarps up everywhere.

Beer Cozy

The infamous Beer Cozy

Up High

Who brings a 20 foot extension ladder camping? Dario does!

Jerky Boy

He is an odd fellow.

Feeding Wildlife

This is Gimpy the Squirrel who is actually a chipmunk. We called him Gimpy because his left front paw was broken and he dragged it along the ground. It was heartbreaking so Dario fed him a couple goodies. We couldn’t believe the amount of wildlife out trying to steal our food this year. Maybe thats cause people always feed them…


We have all become Cigar Smokers BTW.


Who brings a humidor camping? Pat does!

Nice Pants

And then this happened.


Crazy Mushrooms.

Weekend Ring

My weekend ring.

Stick Ball

No camping trip is complete with out a game of stick ball.


Oh yea, I’m here too.

Dario Fell Over

Dario fell over.

Good Eats

We go gourmet when we camp.

Airing out the Crotch

The boys had a little post dinner stretch.






Chad made breakfast hash on Saturday morning in the cast iron skillet. Nom nom nom.

Breakfast Port

Dario drank port out of the bottle.


Pat likes Pugs.


I could not handle her adorableness.

Lady Pillow

I’m a pillow. And despite my appearance, it wasn’t actually that cold.

Broken Chair

Neil broke another chair. And his tent leaked. This was not a good weekend for him.


Pat made this years Captain Scotty Burgers with Bacon, Bison, and stuffed with various cheeses.

Blue Cheese Ooze

Jeremy and I opted for the Blue Cheese variety. By far the best Captain Scotty Burgers to date!


There are way too many pictures of Pat doing his Ryan Warner impersonation.

Beer Holder

When your broken chair becomes a beer holder.

Tarp Set Up

Pat taped an emergency blanket over the fire to stop the tarp from melting and to reflect the heat down towards us. The man is a genius.


Water flowed off the tarp like a faucet. We did a couple experiments to see how hard and fast it was raining. At the height of the storm it took 8 seconds to fill up a 1 liter bowl.

BBQ Delight

Hobo Packs and Beer Can Chicken.


2 more pretty birds over the fire pit.



Master Carver

Jeremy carves like a mad man.

Dirty Jew

We had smores for dessert and Pat got them all over his FACE.

Morning After

After a very rainy day and night it was time to go home once Sunday rolled around.

This year was very subdued compared to years gone by. Maybe that’s because we didn’t have the hilarious antics of one Mike Pouwels or the Irish good looks of one Ryan Tyrrell. I guess you can’t win every year. None the less this year was pretty damn good even though it rained a lot. At least we were prepared!

Another FUBAR has come and gone! Where does the time go.

To view all the photos you can do so here.

27. 06. 2011

Here are some of the highlights of the trip…

Prepared for all types of Weather

Dario had a series of hats that he brought camping. This was probably the most useful one. I didn’t think they actually made umbrella hats.

Palm Bay

I was contacted by the good people at Palm Bay (well, technically their marketing team) asking me if I’d like to try out some new Palm Bay flavours. I was all over it, expecting to receive a couple of delightful beverages. Little did I know I would receive a giant ice bucket filled with Summer Time treats! What an excellent surprise!

Palm Bay!

It was so awesome that the Palm Bay came just in time for camping. I brought half up with me and am saving the second batch for our Canada Day Long Weekend Adventure of Awesomeness.


This little guy kept coming around eating all of our crumbs off the groud. He was very friendly and so beautiful! It’s not every day you see a bird this pretty in the forest!

Hanging Out

He’s just adorable so I had to throw in a picture of him!

Stick Ball

Stick ball commenced as soon as everything was set up. These guys were laughing too hard to actually play, but it was amusing to watch.

Patz Stick

1) Pats nipple were on display all weekend. 2) Pats got a gut. 3) Pats t-shirts are too small for him.


Lady hung out with us all weekend sniffing stuff and eating chips.


Chad is 76% Dog.


These logs were a hatchets worse nightmare. We destroyed the hatchet by the end of the weekend.

Not good

Dario found a giant log and tried to play stick ball with it, turning stick ball into Log ball. It was way to hard so him and Mike tried to split the log by ramming it into a tree. This is what happened (notice the look on Mikes face). His chest was never the same after that.


The log got the best of Dario. That’s what you get for killing the ecosystem.

Turd Boy

Dario dropped a turd.

Lady the Machine Gun

Jeremy liked using Lady as a Machine Gun.


Flank Steaks are my best friend.


Dinner cheers!

(Ryan & Elise are not here because Ryan had to go back into town to join Elise at a work dinner, just so you know)

Olive Oil Shots

Chad thought it would be a good idea to do Olive Oil Shots. Yea. Like he needs more grease.

Clean Up

Of course I Italian Housewifed it.

Cigar Time

Pat & Aimee brought cigars.

Smoky Smokerson

Dario found his own cigar.

Ernest Hemingway

They dubbed me Ernest Hemingway. Yes, we bought stainless steal wine glasses. Yes I wrote notes by the light of my lantern while smoking a cigar. Yes, I am amazing.

Running Man

I don’t know what the hell happened here.

Sock Head

Another Hat!

Jeremy is Asleep

This is how Jeremy fell asleep.

Yoga Dario

Dario decided to get Zen.


I didn’t get breakfast because the raccoons stole it. First time wildlife has ever stolen our food, which we typically leave out everywhere in a drunk fashion. OK NATURE, WE’VE LEARNED OUR LESSON!

Dario in the Rain

This hat really came in handy on Saturday.

Palm Bay Lovers

The boys discoverd that Palm Bay is the perfect mid morning drink.

Camping Man

Harry, where is Marv?

Under the Tarps



It was pointed out that all the couple were wearing similar shoes which was kind of weird.


See, same shoes. What does that say about us?

Bacon Burgers

Pat made his famous bacon burgers again, except this time they didn’t make us feel like we were going to die.


Pat Zaph Nipple Antennae


MIKE. Omg was he on fire this weekend.

Hanging Out

Sleeping in the rain.

Beard Pick

Darios beard pic.

Tarp It!

We finally decided to put a tarp over the fire. We were prepared to sacrifice it if the fire wanted to melt it, we were just so sick of sitting in the rain.

Tarp It!

The boys were handy.

Chicken on a Spit

Pat and Dario put together chicken on a spit. This was a total experiment that worked!

Chicken on a Spit

Swiss Chalets got nothing on us!

Chicken on a Spit

nom nom nom

Carve the Chicken

Jeremy was the official chicken carver. We did 2 beer butt chickens on the BBQ and then Pat & Darios creation. It was the greatest chicken dinner of all time. If only my camera didn’t die after taking this photo. DAMN YOU CAMERA!

Another great year of FUBARing it!

22. 06. 2011

There is really no point in me telling you I am crazy because you already know that. I’ve got a lot of scheduled posts I need to do this week so I will throw in a camping post every now and then just to keep you on your toes. Plus breaking it up like that will be a lot easier to digest.

Two years ago, before our first ever camping trip, Chad went out and bought all our supplies. This was a very bad move because I don’t think Chad fully thought it through. I have erected many a tent in my time yet somehow Chad picked the tent with the most random set up I have ever seen.This has proven to be the source of many frustrations each time we go camping.

Normally when we go camping Chad and the boys leave Friday morning and Elise and I join up with them Friday after work, so I don’t get to see the epic fail that is Chad vs. the tent, I only get to hear about it. This year I was pumped to see the disaster unfold.

Setting up the Tent
Setting up the Tent
Setting up the Tent

This year Chad had the benefit of having 3 guys help him out. Didn’t matter though, it still took them forever.

Setting up the Tent

I still think that left to my own devices I could probably set up the tent, by myself, in less time. Honestly, it’s not that difficult to figure out, it’s just set up the opposite way that every other tent is set up and because of that, Chad can never figure it out.


Thankfully Work Place Dario showed up to get boys motivated.

Dario is on the Job


Setting up the Tent
Setting up the Tent

45 later they were finally done. Yea, you heard me. 4 guys 1 tent 45 minutes.

Pat, Aimee, and I just sat back and watched with amusement. Next we got to witness Chad try and blow up 2 air mattresses which barely fit into our little tent. Each year we try to make small improvements to our camping lives but we never quite make it to full on comfort. I think Chad is secretly hoping we have a kid soon so he is forced to buy a bigger tent.

Camping. It never fails to amuse.

20. 06. 2011

and here is what I thought about it…

Unfortunetly we weren’t really able to recouperate much yesterday given that it was Fathers day and all, so I feel like a bag of poop right now. The fact that I could not get warm for 2 days straight and had the worst sleeps ever are the reason for my horrible mood today. I’m hoping to dedicate this evening to editing all the pictures I WAS able to take while both cameras were still alive. What is up with my luck this year. Oh yea, I HAVE NONE! Friggin hell.

As for right now, I’m just going to try and coast through the day. I am FUBAR’d!