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I made chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream from scratch. Then I put them together in what can only be described the greatest ice cream sandwich of my life. . . . #homemade #fromtheciavarrokitchen #vanillaicecream #chocolatechipcookies #icecream #

because homemade ice cream + homemade chocolate chip cookies are the greatest thing ever

In our house we usually battle between my need to try new things and Chad’s love of the same foods repeated to no end. Now, while making the same meals all the time is easy and involves virtually no planning, it does leave me feeling rather bored after a while.

It’s no surprise that since Mia was born, I have not felt the need to get creative with my cooking. Should I just make meat and potatoes every day? Sure, sounds easy to me! And while I’m sure Chad is very please by this, it’s time for a change.

I have a subscription to Canadian Living which I love (I’m so Canadian) and they have so many amazing recipes each month (Canadian Living is my go to inspiration when planning Thanksgiving Dinner each year). I would love to try them all but I know my limitations when it comes to Chad’s palate. However, while sorting through all the recipes I rip out each month I decided to plan out the next two weeks worth of meals using as many of these recipes as I could (mixed in with a few Ciavarro staples to keep the old man happy).

– Monday –

Maple Mustard Pork Fajitas

Chad is probably going to have something to say about these since the sauce has Maple Syrup in it and the man doesn’t like sweet things (other than me).

– Tuesday –

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Thighs (stuffed with Olive Tapenade & Feta) + Rice + Steakhouse Salad

A new dish I came up with recently (see Chad, it is good to try new things) that has quickly become a staple. The steakhouse salad is not a salad with steak on it, it’s Iceberg Lettuce, Red Onion & Blue Cheese dressed in a Lemon & Oregano Vinaigrette. It’s a recreation from a salad we had at a restaurant many moons ago and we eat it ALL the time.

– Wednesday –

Dinner at Casa Ciavarro

A.K.A Chad’s parents house.

– Thursday –

Breaded Pork Cutlets + Pancetta Potatoes + Steamed Green Beans + Green Salad

The Pancetta Potatoes are a dish that Chill Winston used to serve and we would ordered it every time we went there. When they took it off the menu I began to recreate it at home. So good!

– Friday –

Home Made Italian Pizza alla David Rocco

We’ll do the usual Margherita (with Chad’s homemade tomato sauce) + Proscuitto & Arugula Pizza.

– Saturday –

Florentine Meatball Subs + Arugula Salad

I am very much looking forward to trying this recipe out. We’re having peeps over for dinner so I’ll serve something Ice Cream related for dessert.

– Sunday –

My Brother & Sister in Law are going to try smoking salmon on my Dad’s smoker.

I’m bringing Anna Olson’s Milk Chocolate Silk Tart for dessert. NOM.

– Monday –

Make-Ahead Beef Enchiladas + Green Salad

It’s “supposed” to rain next Monday so this is my excuse for making a rather Fall like dish. Hopefully I will have a lot of leftovers to freeze!

– Tuesday –

Lightened-Up Chicken Parm with Garlicky Veggies + Sourdough Bread

I love me some Zucchini & Broccoli!

– Wednesday –

Dijon Crusted Flank Steak + BBQ Smashed Potatoes + Green Salad

I’m cheating on Canadian Living with Chatelaine for this one. Also, the Smashed Potatoes recipe is excellent with any type of seasoning. I’ll probably do a garlic spiced one.

– Thursday –

Lemony Angel Hair Pasta with Pan Fried Chicken

Hello Pasta fix!

– Friday –

BBQ Sausages + Grilled Polenta + Green Salad

My Godfather makes a mean Grilled Polenta and I’m going to try and recreate it. I might have to bribe my Godmother for the recipe. Also, my Nonna gave us a million heads of lettuce from her garden so we are going to be eating it for a while.

– Saturday –

Leftover Flank Steak

I’m going to leave Saturday open for interpretation in case something fun comes up. If not I will either make Flank Steak Fajitas or Grilled Steak & Potato Salad. I’ll let Chad pick.

– Sunday –

The annual Rossi Family Picnic is happening and I am in charge of bringing an appy, one that I have not yet determined (we’ll see what I’m feeling like). There is going to be so much good food I am already dreaming about it.

So there you have it. Two weeks worth of dinners planned out. I may be crazy but it makes me very happy to be this ridiculously organized. I LOVE TO PLAN if you didn’t already notice.

You can follow all this dinner time fun on Snapchat – @dciavarro – because social media was invented to share pictures of food with people.

Oh, and this post was not sponsored by Canadian Living, I just really really love their recipes.


27. 08. 2013

A few weeks back we met up with the ever busy Quanetts for some pizza at their favorite local joint. Having driven by Pizzeria Barbarella many times (mostly at night on our way home from the Bradley Hamm residence) Chad and I were quite intrigued by this hipster joint.

Pizzeria Barbarella

The inside was cool. Very sparse. It screamed hipster but that was cool with us. You know how we roll.

Pizzeria Barbarella

The menu was simple and to the point. We started with olives because we always start with olives.


While waiting for A & A Chad discovered Dario staring at us through the window.


OK. Dario wasn’t actually ON the crane, but it was his job site.


I watched the birds fly around.


Serving water in wine bottles is the cool thing to do, if you didn’t already know.  The water wasn’t quite “Frizzante” but it wasn’t quite “Naturale”. It was kind of like they took normal water and ran it through one of those “carbonate your own drinks at home” devices. Kind of neat.


Diavola. He has to get this at every place when he first eats there. He likes to judge places on an even playing field. Not to mention he just loves his Devil Pizzas.


I had the Filetto so as to compare it to my favorite pizza at Via Tevere. It was good, but it was definitely missing a POP of flavour. The big difference was that Barbarellas Filetto had cherry tomatoes and Teveres Filetto has San Marzano tomatoes and you can’t really compare they two because San Marzano always wins.

The left overs the next day where choice, however.

A & D

The Quanetts had just got back from their Euro vacation so it was fun to hear about all the adventures they had. We had just attended D & G’s wedding so we also got to compare Summer Wedding notes.

A & C

Look at these two smiling fools. Aren’t they adorable!?

It was nice to catch up with Adam and Alicia and it was great to get out and try a new pizza place. You know you’re obsessed when you’ve essentially been to every one in the city. And can we hang out with these guys more often too? I miss them.

04. 02. 2013

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before, we got together with the God Parents to partake in the annual Crostoli Making Day. A few weeks early this year, we celebrate Carnevale with decorations, sweet treats and good friends.

King Crostolo Dough

Rolling out the dough nice and thin.


Thankfully we don’t have to flash the hosts in order to get these beads.

Lard Eaters
Before the Fry

I forgot how intense fried lard smells. Every item of clothing we wore had to be wash immediately.

Dario Yea!

The battle over the sugar is always the best part of the afternoon. Too much! Not enough! You’re spilling! Hurry up! Spread it out! Do you know how much sugar costs!?

Picture Time

Got canoli? Priceless.


Lady T had to step out for a moment and Mama Rossi had to take over the deep frying which was quite the scene. No one has ever done the deep frying before. Lady T is the only one who has the right touch.


Always with the sneak attack.

There is nothing like ending the weekend on a sugar high.  Its great having new people join us each year. Watching them preform the rather easy task of sprinkling sugar over the warm crostoli while being yelled at the entire time is supremely entertaining. Another year of deep fried traditions in the books!

A little while ago, while we were still living with the parentals, Chad and I were looking at all the Air Miles we had accumulated over the years and thought that we should do something with them. Of course, planning a vacation was not the first thing that came to our mind (I have no idea why not), buying things for the kitchen was what we wanted to do.

When we realized Air Miles sold deli style meat slicers and we had more than enough to purchase one, we became obsessed with the idea of having one. Not only was it super cool and made us look fancy, but it would allow us to buy large amounts of sodium filled cured meat at a discounted price and then slice them at home as we needed them.

Nom nom nom!

Meat Slicer Ciavarro
Meat Slicer Ciavarro
Meat Slicer Ciavarro
Meat Slicer Ciavarro
Meat Slicer Ciavarro
Meat Slicer Ciavarro
Meat Slicer Ciavarro
Meat Slicer Ciavarro

Chad has become the Master Deli Slicer. He has it down to a science and weighs out his meat just like in the deli. It’s kind of adorable to watch.

Talking about slicing meats and making sandwiches actually reminds me of a very important topic I have yet to discuss; Tim Hortons and their damn Paninis.

I get it, Italians are cool and people want to be like us, but if you feel the need to do so, can you please check your facts before coming out with nation wide commercials?

In Italian Panino = 1 Sandwich and Panini = 2 or more sandwiches, so when Tim Hortons advertises their ‘Paninis’ they are really advertising their sandwicheses, which clearly makes NO SENSE and drives Italians CRAZY. The only thing that would be more maddening than Tim Hortons selling paninis is if they decided to sell gluten free paninis.

So, next time you need a sandwich, just pop by our house and old man Ciavarro will make you a panino, full of gluten, sodium and every good thing!

28. 01. 2013

Pizza for ever.
You gotta eat here.

Last week, out of the blue, I received a message from Via Tevere asking me if I would be available to do an on camera interview for a TV show they were filming for the Food Network on the weekend. Whats that? You want to film ME for a show on the FOOD NETWORK!?!?

Turns out John Catucci was in town filming an episode of You Gotta Eat Here! at Via Tevere and they needed some on camera testimonials about how tasty their pizza is. I was more than thrilled that they asked me to be a part of the production. This was definitely an opportunity I needed to seize!

I was welcomed to bring a guest so Chad and I headed down to East Van for my 4:30 shooting time. I was given instructions, miked up and waited for my pizza to arrive while other people were being interviewed. The owners were very gracious and gave Chad and I complimentary pizzas and anything else we wanted to have. If we didn’t have to run to Casa Ciavarro for dinner we would have spent all evening there enjoying yourself and taking in all the excitement.

I was a little nervous about the interview. I had an idea of what kind of questions I was going to be asked but I always find I get stuck when describing dishes that I love and just end up saying they are amazing 100 times in a row (you’ve probably noticed that when reading this blog). John was super friendly and our interview had great energy though. I think I did OK but I hate seeing myself on camera (one of the reasons we never got our wedding filmed) so we’ll see what it looks like when the episode finally airs. Plus, they filmed for 2 days so who knows how much of my interview will make it on the air, if at all!

Overall, it was a great experience. I never thought in a million years I would be on the Food Network. Well, I guess I technically haven’t made it quite yet, but I am one step closer. The episode is set to air sometime in the Spring. Lets hope I don’t look like a total goof!

Thank you so much, Via Tevere, for making me a part of your special day!